One Cleans, the Other Doesn't: What to Look for in a Roommate

November 01, 2018

what to look for in a roommateAre you looking for a new roommate to share your Springs luxury apartment home? If you're like most people, you immediately start sifting through your contacts list, but the truth is that friendship doesn't always equal compatibility.

Members of our onsite management team share their expert tips on what to look for in a roommate search.

Ask Family and Friends

Unfortunately, many a close relationship has sustained serious damage when both parties choose to live together. Networking among family and friends is a nice compromise by which you can find someone who's not too close but not a total stranger.

Know Your Deal Breakers

When you're searching for a roommate, it can be tempting to reduce the hassle by assuming that lifestyle differences will "work out." What sounds tolerable in theory, such as a roommate who's a night owl, isn't so great when you're suffering through another sleepless night.

No issue is too small to bring up if it's important to you. Some of the more common factors to consider include:

  • Night owl or early bird?
  • Social butterfly or homebody?
  • Neat freak or slob?
  • Smoker or drinker?
  • Pet lover or animal-phobe?

Schedule Multiple Interviews

Fate is the stuff of romantic comedies, not real life. The two of you may seem to click on the initial meeting, but that's not nearly enough evidence for such a serious decision. Talk to several candidates, narrow down your choices and schedule more in-depth interviews.

Provide Full Financial Disclosure

Any prospective roommates have as much right to know what they're getting into as you do. Give accurate information about their share of the rent and your expectations for splitting utilities, food and other expenses.

Don't forget to do your due diligence regarding a candidate's financial situation. In addition to confirming his or her employment, you may want to ask for a credit score. If someone is reluctant to answer, it could be a red flag.

Check References

Ask for two to three personal references. At least one should be from a previous landlord or roommate so you can verify rent payment history.

Review Social Media Accounts

While the openness of social media is sometimes a drawback, it can be a big advantage for anyone who wants to vet a potential roommate. Check Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, paying careful attention to whether their posts jibe with what they’ve told you in both content and character.

One Roommate or Two?

There are endless horror stories about people who have found the "perfect" roommate only to find themselves with an unexpected package deal in the form of the roommate's significant other. Have a frank discussion about romantic relationships and how overnight visits will be handled.

Now that you know what to look for in a roommate search, a member of our onsite management team will be happy to help you get them added to the lease. Stop by and visit if you have any questions.

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