4 New Des Moines Restaurants to Try in 2016

July 14, 16

New-Restaurants-DM.jpgOne of the greatest ways to get to know a city is to taste the local cuisine. When you're living in Des Moines, you have so many restaurants to choose from that it can be difficult to name a favorite. As you ponder your dinner plans for this weekend, here are four new Des Moines restaurants to consider:

1. Krunkwich Ramen House  
621 Des Moines St
13 miles from Springs at Jordan Creek

This is the only restaurant you'll find in Des Moines dedicated to the art of Japanese and Fusion Ramen. The dishes draw inspiration from the foods of Japan, Korea, China, Vietnam, Europe, and the Americas and are made from the freshest ingredients available.

While patrons can order ramen dishes by the number at this restaurant, a popular alternative is Banh Mi, a Vietnamese sandwich filled with pork, fried egg, and bulgogi (marinated beef). And everybody is raving about their KrunkTots, which are tater tots seasoned with KrunkSpice and topped with the restaurant's house-made MisoWhiz. 

2. Guru BBQ  
300 W Martin Luther King, Jr Pkwy, Suite 170
13 miles from Springs at Jordan Creek

Every city has that one BBQ restaurant that blows all of the others away, and Guru BBQ could quickly hold this title. This new BBQ joint was started by three Des Moines natives who built their vision for the restaurant in the cut-throat world of competition BBQ. Their eclectic mix of Cajun, French, Korean, Thai, and Mexican style cuisine earned them the spotlight and a large following. With dishes like Guru nachos, smoked brisket, and white cheddar on a platter, you can understand why Guru BBQ needs to be on your 2016 restaurant bucket list.

3. 300 Craft & Rooftop  
300 W Martin Luther King, Jr Pkwy
16 miles from Springs at Waukee

If you're already grabbing something to eat at Guru BBQ, it's in your best interest to walk next-door afterwards to check out 300 Craft & Rooftop. This establishment is located in the former Old Tavern Brewery, which was once a bustling operation in Des Moines until 1920. The space has since been spruced up to offer a 2,300 square foot bar and cocktail lounge. Choose from 14 different craft beers on tap or a wide selection of signature craft cocktails.

4. Centro  
1003 Locust St
15 miles from Springs at Waukee

If you like Italian food, Centro is a must-visit. Just as the name suggests, Centro is centrally located in downtown Des Moines and offers Italian inspired cuisine by Executive Chef Derek Eidson. Whether you want a four-course meal or something quick and casual, Centro is the place to go. A good tip is to check out Centro on Monday evenings as the restaurant offers half-priced pizza and Peroni after 4 p.m.

Have you been to any of these new Des Moines restaurants? Tell us about your experience in the comments below!

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