Advice for Getting Established Quickly in Des Moines

March 23, 16

Getting-Established-DM.jpgNo matter how well-planned, moving can make you feel highly disconnected, especially if you're moving to a new city. To minimize that feeling, it’s important to get your life in your new city up and running as quickly as possible. If you're moving to Springs at Jordan Creek or Springs at Waukee, and are new to Des Moines, follow these tips to help ease the transition.

Before You Move

  1. Set up an address-change chart of places and people.
  2. Arrange for your new utility and Internet services as soon as you can, so your apartment is ready for occupancy once you arrive.
  3. Put a forwarding order in with the post office for your mail.
  4. Start looking for doctors, dentists, insurance agents, and other professionals in the new city. Your current doctor might know of someone working in the area, for example, or he or she may know of a particularly good clinic network.
  5. Start looking for food and restaurant blogs — the more you know about the food scene there, the more "local" you'll feel from the start.
  6. Arrange for renter's insurance on your new apartment before you move, and be sure to have the insurance agency email you a copy of the policy.

After Your Move

  1. Purchase or unpack basic living supplies like toilet paper, hand soap, plates, and tissues. Unpack a few boxes consistently each day, and find a place for these items as soon as possible to reduce clutter.
  2. Change your license, plates, and registration by contacting the Iowa Department of Transportation within 30 days of your move.
  3. Start learning about Des Moines via the city's web page, and spend time at the Springs pool or community room at your apartment community so you can meet your neighbors.
  4. Using the Parks and Rec site, discover parks, sports, aquatics, and other recreational opportunities in Des Moines.
  5. Check online resources like Meetup and Yelp to help you find other things to do.

Do you have any other tips for Des Moines newcomers? Let us know below in the comments section! 

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