Get Top-Quality Products at These 4 Great Des Moines Meat Markets

June 18, 15


There's no doubt that Iowans love their beef. The cattle industry contributes more than $6 billion per year to the state's economy. Fortunately for residents of Springs Des Moines, that means top-quality meats are only minutes away. Make your shopping list and head out to these great meat markets around Des Moines.

1. B&B Grocery, Meat & Deli
2001 SE 6th Street

B&B has deep roots in the community. Archie and John Brooks opened the shop in 1922 and their family still runs it today. The meat counter is staffed by third-generation butchers who are happy to cut your meat to order. Choose from the freshest beef, pork and poultry along with homemade sausage and chorizo. Try one of the "killer" sandwiches and burgers from the deli that have been featured on Food Network and Travel Channel.

2. Graziano Bros. Italian Foods
1601 S. Union Street

Who doesn't love Italian cuisine? Brothers Frank and Louis Graziano opened their shop in 1912, recreating the flavorful sausages they enjoyed as children in Italy. Three generations later, the family is still using the authentic recipes developed by their ancestors. Products include fresh Italian sausage, pepperoni, pancetta and salami. Complete your meal with selections from their stock of cheeses, pastas, breads and tomato products.

3. Gateway Market
2002 Woodland Avenue

Gateway lives up to its slogan of "Good Food." The focus is on natural and organic foods as well as handcrafted items from the local community. The shop is the sole retailer in Central Iowa selling Certified Angus Beef®, which meets higher standards than USDA grading. Other products in the meat case include all-natural Niman Ranch pork, free-range Gerber's chicken and several organic game meats. 

4. Whole Foods
4100 University Avenue

Whole Foods is widely known as a market that offers the highest quality natural and organic products, locally sourced wherever possible. They work with the Global Animal Partnership to ensure that their meat providers use certified ethical animal practices. You can shop with the confidence that their meat comes from animals that have fed on grass or grain and no antibiotics or added growth hormones have been used.

Did we miss your favorite butcher or meat market? Let us know in the comments!

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