Where To Buy Homegrown Food In Waukee and West Des Moines

May 18, 16

Homegrown-Food-DM.jpgSure, grocery stores are convenient, and the selection just can’t be beat. But occasionally we all yearn for something “just picked” or that’s been naturally nurtured in our own backyard, so to speak. That’s when you either make the decision to grow your own, or you can reach out to local growers and get the fresh, all-natural tastes you crave.

Here in Waukee and West Des Moines we have plenty of dedicated producers to choose from, offering everything from milk and honey to pork and beef. Why not try one of these local growers and experience the amazing taste of all-natural meat, poultry and produce?

1. Heirloom Farm
33737 H Ave, Earlham
21 miles from Springs at Jordan Creek

This family owned farm sells pastured chickens, ducks and eggs, and also offers community supported agriculture, or CSA—a concept that allows you to purchase a portion of the farm’s harvest for one growing season. That means your very own supply of produce, like beans, beets, pumpkins, zucchini and others. Everything on the farm is grown without chemical pesticides or fertilizers; some products are available online, too, so check it out!

2. Clarion Sage
32059 U Place, Waukee
About 5 miles from Springs at Waukee

Like Heirloom Farm, Clarion Sage offers naturally grown heirloom products (a variety of fruit or vegetable that’s been nurtured, selected and passed down through generations of farmers by seed saving). They, too, offer CSA, so if you’d like a dependable source of fresh food grown without chemicals, CSA is your answer. Clarion Sage also sells seedlings and plants you can grow in your own window box or garden, and you can shop as needed from their available stock.  

3. Willis Family Orchard
33130 Panther Creek Rd, Adel
16 miles from Springs at Waukee

This is a “pick-your-own” apple orchard and pumpkin farm, a great place to take kids for an afternoon in the fresh air. The owners of the orchard have sort of “extended the season” on apples and pumpkins by also selling organic apple butter made from the orchard’s own apples, and a variety of other fruit spreads made right here in Iowa. If you go, don’t leave without one of their delicious fresh baked apple pies or donuts—you won’t be disappointed!

4. Picket Fence Creamery
14583 S Ave, Woodward
23 miles from Springs at Jordan Creek

As the name implies, Picket Fence Creamery sells all forms of dairy—all 100% natural, non-homogenized products, bottled on site from cows that graze chemical free. The store also carries a variety of meat and other products grown or made by one of more than 100 families. Meats include some kinds not always available in grocery stores, like buffalo, lamb, and elk.

Many will argue that food grown without chemicals and using traditional, sometimes heirloom, methods and practices tastes better and is better for you. Plus, buying from these and other local vendors supports Iowa families making a living off the land. Why not give it a try?

Have you incorporated organic, locally grown foods into your diet? What’s the verdict?

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