Where to Go For the Best Ice Cream in Des Moines and Waukee

July 27, 16

Ice-Cream-Shops-DM.jpgWhen the summer heat has you craving a cool treat, Des Moines offers a wealth of options for satisfying your sweet tooth. If you’re looking for a fun outing near Springs at Jordan Creek  or Springs at Waukee, try one of these decadent stops for some of the best ice cream in the area.

1. Waukee Ice Cream Shoppe   
530 Walnut St, Waukee

If you’re looking for a quaint ice cream joint with traditional favorites, Waukee Ice Cream Shoppe is a smart choice. This destination is located in the historic downtown Triangle, making it a convenient pick when you’re out running other errands. You can enjoy a timeless root beer float, banana split, old fashioned malt, or satisfying cone. With 24 soft serve flavors, there’s something here to suit any craving.

2. Blue Sky Creamery  
Valley West Mall, 1551 Valley W Dr #105B, West Des Moines

Blue Sky Creamery uses a distinctive Nitro Freeze process to produce ice cream with a rich flavor and satisfyingly smooth texture. The process freezes the ice cream faster, creating smaller ice crystals and a product that’s ready in less than a second. Nearly all the flavors on the menu are gluten free with the exception of Cookies N Cream and Cookie Dough.

3. Rita’s  
Hawthorne Plaza, 9250 University Ave, West Des Moines

Rita’s serves up a variety of frozen treats including Italian ice, cream ice, and custard. You’ll find classic flavors like chocolate and vanilla as well as more innovative options such as blood orange, mango, and even Swedish Fish. Mix things up with a Blendini featuring a combination of frozen custard and Italian ice or frozen drinks made from swirled Italian ice. If you’re celebrating a special event, you can pick up a frozen custard cake at Rita’s to enjoy in your apartment home.

4. Snookies Malt Shop  
1810 Beaver Ave, Des Moines

Snookies Malt Shop has a distinctly old-fashioned feel that hearkens back to a simpler time of hot summer days and icy treats. Bring your cash because this traditional little shop doesn’t accept credit or debit cards. The menu here features a welcome combination of classic favorites and whimsical creations, and additions like animal crackers and gummy worms take soft serve to a new level. The outdoor seating is pet-friendly for your furry friends, and Fido can even get a free puppy cone.

What’s your favorite ice cream shop in the Des Moines area? Share your top locations and preferred flavors in the comments section below.

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