How To Create A Stunning Wall Collage for Your Apartment Home

Jean Jones
January 29, 2015

A Stunning Wall Collage for Your ApartmentThey’re all the rage today: wall collages made up of artwork and/or pictures of different shapes and sizes…often in frames of varying colors and styles. These multi-piece “wallscapes” are simple to put together and provide a dramatic focal point for rooms big and small. Here are some tips for creating a collage that will give your apartment home a contemporary look:

  • Create a collage that doesn’t overwhelm the space – or that’s too small. Critically look at the wall on which you want to create a collage and get a sense – before you select the pieces you’re going to hang – of how much space you want to cover
  • Don’t use vastly different shapes or sizes of frames/artwork – keep them rather similar so the feel is connected and complementary
  • Make sure most of the frames you choose have similar stains or paint colors. If you throw together too many “looks,” your collage will look busy and disjointed
  • Make one piece your centerpiece and focal point. This one piece will tend to set the tone of your collage, so keep that in mind as you choose others pictures and artwork to go with it
  • Do feature variety in the images. You can mix color and black & white images, and mix up the “topic” of the images, too: people, landscapes, abstract shapes/designs, etc.
  • Don’t space pieces too far apart or they’ll look scattered and haphazard. What you’re going for is a single unit made up of individual pieces

Now for the tough part: hanging the frames in the right place. Here’s a simple way to avoid the “hit-and-miss” approach (and hours of frustration) to hanging collage frames.

  1. First, use Kraft paper to create a template the approximate size and shape of the overall area you want to cover with frames (you may have to tape multiple lengths together to cover the area)
  2. Next, remove the Kraft paper template from the wall, lay it on a flat surface and start playing around with placement of all the frames you’d like in your collage.
  3. Once you’ve settled on a layout, number each frame with a sticky note, and draw an outline around each onto the Kraft paper. Remove each frame, writing its number on the Kraft paper inside its outline. Measure and mark on each frame outline where a nail will need to go for each frame to hang where you want it.
  4. Now, tape your template back on the wall where you’ll be putting your collage.
  5. Using the marks you drew for nails, nail directly through the Kraft paper; the nails will stay put when you remove the Kraft paper.
  6. Finally, remove the Kraft paper and hang your frames, using the numbers on your template as a guide for which frames go where!

Wall collages can be a dramatic addition to nearly any room and are great for showcasing your favorite artwork and images. They can also tell a rich story when you focus on a single theme, like childhood or travel. Have fun with your collage, and feel free to share pictures of your collage with our readers!

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