Let There Be Light: 7 Inspired Ways to Use Lighting in Your Apartment

June 23, 2016

Lighting.jpgWhen decorating your luxury Springs Apartments home, do you consider lighting or do you think of it as something that's just "there?" Lighting can be used in a surprising number of ways to create a look or a mood.

Here are some of the clever ways we've discovered to implement lighting in your home decor.

1. Create Layers of Light

There are three different types of interior light that each serve a specific purpose.

  • General lighting comes from overhead fixtures or pendant lights.
  • Specific (or task) lighting, such as table lamps or desk lamps, is focused on a particular area.
  • Ambient lighting, provided by items like candles and sconces, is the most decorative type.

Use a mix of all three to give your home its unique personality.

2. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

Mirrors are traditionally used to make a space appear larger, which happens because they reflect light. Hanging mirrors on the wall, especially a wall opposite a window, is a great way to take advantage of natural light.

3. Using Shade to Add Light

Basic white lampshades allow the most light to pass through, but they tend to set a cold tone. Colored lampshades give you more control over the effect to make it warmer, cooler or richer.

4. Consider Perspective

If the room you're lighting is large or has high ceilings, add balance with several small lights that will make the room feel cozier.

5. Start at the Bottom…

Lamps are not just for tables. Make a style statement with an overhead or sculptural floor lamp.

6. ...Then Move to the Top

String lights can be used as an everyday accent or they can provide a decorative touch for holidays or entertaining. They also work well on balconies and patios.

7. Use a "Spot" Treatment

Up lights, clip lights and clamp lights offer remarkable versatility. They throw highlights on a particular area or object, and their portability accommodates any decor changes.  

Share your imaginative lighting ideas with us in the comments!

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