5 Comfy Pet Beds You Can Make At Home

December 14, 2016


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Does your four-legged roommate bunk with you at night? Reclaim your space and give your pet a cozy spot with a comfy bed all his own. Here are some DIY ideas that we just fell in love with. In fact, you might even find that your pet wants to spend all his time there!

Repurpose a Dresser Drawer

Turn an old dresser drawer into a shabby-chic pet bed that doesn't take up a lot of space. Paint the drawer whatever color you like and use sandpaper, steel wool and tools to add scratches and scuff marks. Finish with a twin-size pillow for the "mattress" and make a pillowcase covering from burlap, flannel or any other comfy material.

Create a Stylish Platform Bed

Your pet will be right on trend with a fashionable platform bed. Start by building a frame to your desired size with 2x4s. The base is made with nylon strapping, similar to the kind used in lawn furniture. Run a series of horizontal rows, pulling the strapping tight and stapling the ends to the underside of the wood, then weave the vertical rows for a checkerboard look. Finish the sides of the frame with decorative upholstery tacks and screw a wooden furniture leg into each corner.

Use Child's Play

It takes only a few minutes to remove the wheels and axles from a child's little red wagon, turning it into a charming pet bed. (Bonus style points if you find an authentic Radio Flyer.) Attach adhesive furniture pads to the bottom to prevent scratching. Add a pillow or make your own with a soft, pet-friendly fabric.

Give Your Pet His Own "Suite"

Long before the days of TVs thin enough to mount on a wall, they came in large floor-standing consoles that made them literally part of the furniture. Check with family and friends or explore resale shops to find a unit that needs a new home. Remove the electronic works, taking care not to break the picture tube, and paint the remaining piece. Fill with pillows, old quilts or any other "bedding" material.

Make a Hand-me-down Bed

Do you have an old crew-neck pullover sweater or sweatshirt that doesn't get much use anymore? Give it new life as a pet bed that's perfect for snuggling. Stuff the torso and sleeves with fiberfill, towels or any available cushion-y material. Stitch up the neck and waist, then sew the arms so they are circling the torso to form the sides of the bed. As a bonus, your scent adds a reassuring element for your pet.

Do you have a creative DIY pet bed holding down a place of honor in your Springs Apartments home? We'd love to hear about it in the comments!

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