5 Eye-Catching Window Treatments to Dress Up Your Twin Cities Apartment

April 18, 2016

Window_Treatments.jpgAre you looking for a way to add some style to your home decor? Instead of heading to the furniture store, personalize your apartment's look with some window treatments. Here are some of our favorite ideas that complement the wood-look blinds in our Springs Twin Cities apartment homes.

1. Beaded Curtains

Beaded curtains combine a retro look with modern appeal. Go green with natural wood and bamboo, add sparkle with shiny and iridescent beads, or mix it up with strings, fringe and tassels. You can even turn your window treatment into a piece of art with patterned beads.

2. Repurposed Curtains

There's no rule stating that curtains have to begin their life as curtains. Tablecloths, scarves, towels, shawls, burlap bags and drop cloths are only a few of the items that can be transformed into curtains that require no sewing. This method opens up your choices to a wider variety of colors, patterns and textures.

3. Window Film

Decorate your windows in mere minutes with peel-and-stick window film. The translucent material softly filters natural light while blocking unpleasant glare and dangerous UV rays. If you like to change your decor regularly, this method is made for you.

4. Valances

Maybe you want to add some interest to your windows without the commitment of curtains or drapes. Valances are a good compromise that frame windows and make more of a subtle statement. Go with a box style for a tailored look, or get a softly draped valance if you prefer a lighter, elegant look.

5. Folding Screens

For a window treatment that's really out of the box, place a folding screen in front of your windows. It's easy to move out of the way when you want, and it can also be used for double duty as a room divider.

Where do you stand on the topic of window treatments? Do you prefer curtains and drapes or blinds? Let us know in the comments!

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