5 Tips for Finding the Right Moving Service in the Twin Cities and Rochester

November 09, 2015


When it comes to buying a new pair of a jeans or a new car, you have the luxury of getting a hands-on view before committing your money. Shopping for intangibles like moving services can involve a lot of guesswork. Let us take some of the uncertainty away with this list of tips for selecting a trustworthy and efficient mover in the Twin Cities and Rochester area.

1. Bigger is Not Always Better

Your first impulse may be to go with a well-known national company, but that alone is not a guarantee of reliable service. Smaller local "mom-and-pop" companies usually live and die by their reputation, so they are more conscious of satisfying the customer. Ask around for recommendations. If a company has been in business for several years, that's a good indication that they have a lengthy track record of quality service.

2. Do the Legwork Yourself

A Google search brings up a number of brokerage services anxious to find a mover for you. These companies are not bound by the same regulations that govern movers, so they are prime sources of scams. You're better off finding a company on your own.

3. Choose Three or Four Companies for an In-Home Estimate

Avoid any moving company that wants to give you an estimate over the phone. It's impossible to provide any measure of accuracy without seeing what's involved in the job. For your part, be up front about disclosing all your requirements. Otherwise, you'll have no one else to blame when you get hit with last-minute cost increases.

4. Ask for References…and Check Them

Past customers are the closest equivalent you have for "examining the merchandise." Get at least three names, and be sure to contact them. Don't assume everything is fine simply because the moving company can furnish names.

5. Hope for the Best, Plan for the Worst

Even the most experienced mover can have accidents. Find out how they handle valuation and reimbursement for lost or damaged items, and have the specific agreed-upon service included in the contract.

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