7 Creative Ideas to Add Instant Storage Space to Your Twin Cities Apartment

October 31, 2016
Apartment_Storage_MN.jpgAt one point or another, everyone has wished for more storage space. Just look around your Springs Twin Cities luxury apartment and you'll find it! Don't believe us? Check out these quick and easy solutions we've put together for you.1. Skirting the Issue

A stylish skirt around an end table creates an instant storage nook while adding visual appeal to the room. It makes a great place to stash clutter quickly when company is on the way, too!

2. All That Glitters

Jewelry comes in a range of shapes that can make the pieces difficult to store without a bulky box. Wrap and frame a piece of cork board to create a holder that doesn't take up valuable drawer space and doubles as a piece of wall art.

3. A Tisket, A Tasket ...

Baskets are incredibly versatile pieces that come in an endless variety of shapes, styles and colors. They also lend themselves to clever placement ideas.
  • Hang three or four in a grouping on the wall
  • Create "drawers" by placing a line of them on a bookshelf or side table
  • Place them on top of cabinets to store little-used items

4. Reuse, Repurpose, Recycle

Before you get rid of an item, look at it with a careful eye and see if it can serve a new purpose for storage. For example, an old dish drainer can become a desktop holder for pens, file folders and mail.

5. Take "Command"

With Command hooks, any vertical surface becomes instant storage space. And here's a bonus tip: Did you know you can use Command hooks to wall-mount your Wi-Fi router for better range?

6. Use Your "Head"

Under the bed is a traditional and valuable spot for storage space. Turn one or two bookshelves into a headboard for your bed that can hold items from books to clothing.

7. Doors as Storage?

Over-the-door shoe holders are fabulous pieces that accommodate a wide variety of uses. Put one on the bedroom door for belts, scarves, and yes, shoes. You can also hang one on the bathroom door to hold hair products, body wash, and other toiletries.

Have you created a unique storage space in your Springs at Apple Valley or Springs at Egan Drive luxury apartment? Share your idea in the comments!

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