7 Tips for Finding The Best Apartment in the Twin Cities and Rochester

September 09, 2015


Wouldn't it be great to have a smartphone app where you could key in desired location, monthly rent and preferred amenities and it would return the name and address of your perfect apartment? Until that day comes, you'll have to do the leg work yourself. Fortunately, we’ve put together some helpful tips you can use to make apartment hunting more manageable.  

1. Follow the Law of Two-thirds
Many decisions in life boil down to a choice among three basic features and the best options feature a combination of two. For instance, if you car needs repairs they can be done quickly, cheaply or well. Want them done well and quickly? It's not going to be cheap. With apartment homes, the three givens are price, location and quality. Be prepared to compromise on one aspect to get the other ones that are important to you.

2. Keep a Digital Log
When you're looking at several apartments in a short span of time, it doesn't take long before each one begins blurring into the next. Take a few minutes to build a simple spreadsheet where you can record date of viewing, size (how many bedrooms?), rent, contact information and notes on amenities or other noteworthy features.

3. Decide on Your Must-haves
Apartment homes include an infinite number of combinations of different features and amenities. You'll be able to quickly pare down your list when you decide which ones are deal-breakers. Take into account that amenities such as 24-hour fitness centers, in-home washers and dryers and complimentary car wash areas found at Springs at Egan Drive, Springs at Apple Valley, and Springs at South Broadway actually save you money on furnishings, memberships and other miscellaneous expenses.

4. Consult a Resource Guide
Take advantage of a resource guide, like the Ultimate Apartment Search Guide, that will provide you with ideas for evaluating apartment locations, ways you can rate and prioritize features and amenities, and potential questions that you should ask apartment management.  

5. Don't Forget Your Furry Roommate
If a dog or cat is a member of your household, an apartment home that allows pets is a must. We have a liberal pet policy that includes cats, birds, fish, smaller furry animals such as rabbits and hamsters, most exotic pets like reptiles, and even many large dog breeds. Your dog will feel equally pampered in our fenced off-leash playgrounds and pet spa areas.

6. Factor in Commute Time
You don't want to be so worn out from a lengthy work commute that you can't even enjoy the benefits of your new home. Springs at Egan Drive has easy access to I-35, U.S. 169 and other major highways. It's also less than three miles from the Southbridge Crossings Park and Ride. Springs at Apple Valley is located less than half a mile from County Road 42 which provides access to both 35E and 35W. And Springs at South Broadway has an equally convenient location close to U.S. 63 and U.S. 52. In addition, it's just a three-minute walk to a transit stop on S. Broadway where you can catch a bus to the Downtown Transit Center and numerous connections.

7. Be Ready to Act
Competition for the best apartments can be fierce. Always have your checkbook on hand along with a packet containing references, rental history and a copy of your credit report.

Our team is dedicated to showing you why a Springs Apartments home is everything you're looking for and more. Contact us today to schedule a viewing.

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