5 Funky and Fabulous Antique and Vintage Shops in the Twin Cities and Rochester

September 07, 2015


"Everything old is new again." That lyric has never been more true than today when the popularity of recycling and repurposing has brought vintage and retro items back in style. The Twin Cities and Rochester have some great resale and consignment shops where you're sure to spot something that catches your fancy.

Flamingo's Divine Finds
3404 Cedar Avenue S.

This shop with the hot pink storefront is as funky as its name. Flamingo's is an "occasional sale" featuring 28 vendors offering vintage and antique furniture and home decor accessories. Customers have found bargains such as a mint-condition gumball machine, a  1970s-style floral print overnight bag and a cobalt-blue bird cage. Sales are held Wednesday through Sunday on the second weekend of each month.

The Cottage House
4304 Chicago Avenue S.

The Cottage House is another once-a-month shop located in a charming two-story home. The rooms and yard feature attractive displays of furniture, clothing and decorating items. Many pieces are from home staging designers who restyle their furnishings. Each sale has a different theme, such as "French Country" and "Spring Fever," so you'll find a new selection each time you visit. Check the website for the current sale schedule.

Up Six Vintage
157 Snelling Avenue N.
St. Paul

If you can't resist items like a surfboard-shaped coffee table, mint condition eight-track stereo recorder and starburst wall clock, this is the place for you. Up Six Vintage specializes in mid-century modern and postmodern furniture and accessories from the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s. You can also find fabulous retro clothing that looks like it came straight from an episode of Mad Men.

The Bearded Mermaid Bazaar
957 W. 7th Street
St. Paul

This shop carries items as unique as the creature it's named for. The Bearded Mermaid has an art gallery feel with its collection of 1920s to 1980s furniture, clothing, art and home decor. Even if you're not in the mood to buy, you'll be entertained browsing curiosities such as an embalming table, genuine human teeth and a stuffed bear wearing boxing gloves.

Kismet Consignment
601 N. Broadway

"Kismet" means "destiny," and chances are you'll find items here that you were just meant to have. Kismet is actually three stores in one, divided into fashion, furniture, and home decor. The clothing store has a boutique look, while items in the two home stores are staged in arrangements that will inspire your decorating creativity.

Do you have a favorite retro or vintage item decorating your Springs Apartments home? Tell us all about it in the comments!

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