How Long Does it Take to Find a Twin Cities Apartment?

April 03, 2017

find-a-twin-cities-apartment.jpgFinding a new apartment can seem like an intimidating task, but like any other big job, it becomes doable when you break it down into steps. Our Springs Twin Cities leasing team offers a helpful timeline to keep you focused and on track.

Three Months Out

Even if you're moving to a particular city, you need solid criteria to narrow the field and keep from wasting time on apartments that clearly aren't right for you.

  • Create a budget so you know what price range you can manage. Be sure to include additional housing expenses such as utilities and cable.
  • Develop a list of features and amenities that are your personal deal breakers. Do you have your heart set on an outdoor pool or private garage? This will also help you weed out less desirable choices.
  • Research potential neighborhoods based on priorities like commute time (is public transportation an option?) and lifestyle (urban vs. suburban).
  • Now that you have specific data to guide you, start your online search for apartments. The more possibilities you have, the greater your chance of finding "the one," but give yourself a finite time frame so you're not stuck in an endless loop. One week should give you sufficient time.

Two Months Out

Now comes the hard but exciting part: viewing the candidates in person.

  • Plot out the communities by geographic area so you can schedule appointments in bunches. If you have 15 to 20 apartments to view, you should be able to see them in three to four outings, maybe even fewer if you conduct your viewings on the weekend.
  • Bring along your application materials (photo ID, proof of income, etc.) in case you find the right apartment and you need to act quickly.

One Month Out

Many apartment communities require a 30-day move-out notice, so this is the time when vacancies will become available.

  • If you haven't already done so, submit an application. The decision could take up to five days, but you will most likely have an answer within a day or two.
  • One more step is needed before the apartment is completely yours: signing the lease. Make sure you read the lease thoroughly and understand your rights and responsibilities.

Even the best planning can't allow for every contingency. When you lease a Springs Twin Cities luxury apartment home, we will release you for any reason within 30 days of move-in. Stop by today and learn more about our Springs pledge to excellence in customer service!

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