Ready to Sign on the Dotted Line? 7 Items You Need to Apply for a Lease

Jean Jones
March 29, 2017


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

So you've found the perfect apartment in one of our Springs luxury communities and you're full of enthusiasm to get the ball rolling. Nothing will deflate that feeling faster than realizing you're not prepared to complete the lease application. If you wait too long to submit your application—either in-person or online—someone could come in and swoop the apartment right out from under you.

Avoid disappointing delays by compiling a folder with the documents and information you'll need to apply for a lease. Have these items on hand when viewing apartments so you're ready to go.

1. Legal Photo Identification

Be prepared to prove your identity with a driver's license, passport or state ID card. Student IDs, membership cards or credit cards are not considered sufficient identification, even if they have photos.

2. Proof of Employment

Steady employment is probably the number one requirement for leasing an apartment. Bring three months' worth of pay stubs to demonstrate that you have sufficient income. If you are self-employed or work as an independent contractor, bring copies of your three most recent bank statements or a copy of your latest tax return. Be sure to block out account numbers and other private information.

3. Rental History

In addition to confirming your employment, a landlord will want to know whether or not you're a good tenant. Have addresses, phone numbers and dates of residence on hand for at least your last three apartments, unless you've been a long-term resident. Having letters of recommendations from past landlords gives you “extra bonus points.”

4. Vehicle Registration and Insurance

Your car will be put on the authorized list, or a parking sticker may be issued.

5. Contacts 

Landlords want to have the name and number of someone they can contact for you in case of emergency. Your nearest relative is generally the default, but you can use any responsible family member or friend as long as you clear it with them first. It should not be somebody you are going to live with.

6. Guarantor

If this is your first apartment, or your income and credit history are not up to par, you may be asked to have a guarantor to provide an additional measure of security. A co-signer is financially liable if you default on rent, so don't take advantage of their generosity.

7. Checkbook or Credit Card

You will certainly have to pay a deposit and credit check fee up front. Other applicable charges, such as administration fees, vary from landlord to landlord.

The friendly leasing teams at our Springs Apartments communities have experience helping a variety of applicants through the application process. Don't hesitate to come by or call with any questions you may have. And keep in mind that our online application makes it easy and convenient for you to submit your application from anywhere at the time it’s most convenient for you.

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