5 Tips for Reducing the Electric Bill at Your Springs Twin Cities/Rochester Apartment

May 02, 2018

Reducing_Electric_Bill_Minnesota.jpgPracticing green living in your Springs Twin Cities or Rochester apartment home is much more than a trend. Reducing, recycling and reusing are essential habits to conserve natural resources and cut down on land, air and water pollution.

In the case of reducing electric usage, it also reduces your utility bill, resulting in a win-win situation. Even with our cold winters, these five energy-reducing tips are painless and effective.

1. Dial It Down

Keep your thermostat at 68º during the day and turn it back even more when you're asleep or away from home. The U.S. Department of Energy estimates up to a 15 percent savings on your electric bill when you reduce the temperature by 10º to 15º over an eight-hour period.

It's a myth that a furnace has to work harder to heat your home after the thermostat has been turned down. Lower temperatures reduce heat loss, which actually makes it easier to bring the temperature back to a comfortable level.

2. "Insulate" Your Home

Don't rely exclusively on the heating system to keep you warm. 

  • Stock up on cozy sweaters, comfy sweats and bulky socks.
  • Keep a supply of soft, snuggly blankets and throws on hand. They also do double-duty as decorative accessories.
  • Flannel sheets and down comforters are great for keeping you warm at night.
  • Add some colorful area rugs to the most frequently-used sections of the floor.

3. Make Strategic Use of Curtains and Blinds 

Take advantage of our planet's most natural heating source. Open curtains and blinds during times of direct sunlight. During the summer, reverse the process to keep your apartment cooler.

4. Improve Air Circulation

Our Springs Twin Cities and Rochester apartment homes are equipped with ceiling fans that serve both decorative and practical purposes. Running your fan clockwise during winter months pushes warmer air down, while running it counter-clockwise during the summer draws warmer air up and away.

5. Add Moisture to the Air

If you've ever been to Florida, you know what a difference humidity makes in the perceived temperature. Adding moisture to the air helps with heat retention, alleviates sinus problems and prevents dry skin. Here are some natural DIY methods to increase moisture in your home without using a commercial humidifier.

We want to hear other favorite energy-saving tips that you have discovered. Share them with us in the comments! 

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