3 Places to Take Advanced Learning Classes in New Orleans

October 28, 2015


Have a little spare time and looking to learn something new? Living in New Orleans, we’re pretty lucky when it comes to adult education opportunities. You’ll find that in addition to traditional college courses, a variety of creative and challenging adult education establishments are in abundance. Here are three awesome options to consider:

1. New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts
5256 Magazine Street

The New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts is dedicated to balancing the use of contemporary innovation with the re-investigation of classical traditions. Deep insight into the art of painting from life, experimentation with the use of color and techniques, as well as stylistic development opportunities are all things you can expect to learn as a student of this creative school. Class options include:

  • Drawing – Learn about proportion, scale, and value techniques for projects that involve pencil, charcoal, and ink creation methods
  • Painting – Subject matter, brush stroke techniques, and creation styles are studied and incorporated into personal projects
  • Creative Writing – Subject matter, story development, word and meaning relationships, as well as various style implementations are explored

Sculpture training, photography classes, and even calligraphy instruction are also available at the New Orleans Academy of Fine Arts.

2. L’Union Francaise
4522 Prytania Street

If you’re interested in learning an enchanting new language, consider attending L’Union Francaise to try your hand at learning French. This student-centered academy offers an opportunity to learn thorough balance of listening, speaking, reading, and writing in the language. Four levels of instruction are available to accommodate every student, from the truly novice to the highly advanced. Both day and evening classes are available to students, but all classes fill up fast so it’s important to enroll early.

3. New Orleans Academy of Music
N. Jefferson Davis Parkway

You can experience in-depth private lessons at the New Orleans Academy of Music, with each lesson ranging between 30 and 60 minutes and you're able to focus on just about any music style during lessons. Here you can learn musical talents such as:

  • Vocal – Control of vocals, tone variation, octave development, and more can be adapted into a variety of learning styles
  • Instruments – Learn to play the guitar, piano, the drums, or other string instruments
  • Woodwinds – Gain in depth technique experience for all varieties of woodwind instruments including bassoon and clarinet

Know of any other fun classes for adult learning? Let us know in the comments below.

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