5 Historic Locations Around New Orleans Everybody Should Visit

February 01, 2017

5-historic-locations-around-new-orleans-everybody-should-visit.jpgNew Orleans is one of the most historically and culturally rich cities in America, but forgetting to visit some of its incredible landmarks is easy amidst the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Whether you're new to the city, or have lived here for a while, here are five historic places that would be well worth your time to visit.

1. Chalmette National Historical Park
Jean Lafitte National Historical Park and Preserve

The site of the last great battle of the war of 1812, Chalmette is kept today as a monument to the perseverance of American ideals. Tours are given regularly throughout the day, but the park is also open for those who wish to appreciate the grounds on their own time. A stop by Chalmette National Historical Park is ideal for anyone interested in the history of our nation or those who simply want a chance to be outdoors in a scenic location.

2. Beauregard-Keyes House
1113 Chartres St

The Beauregard-Keyes House is renowned as one of the most authentic examples of classic Victorian style architecture in New Orleans. Having only minor renovations done, most of the house retains its original construction. From its beautiful interior to its lush, verdant gardens anybody looking to explore the roots of New Orleans' history should stop in for a tour.

3. French Quarter
700 Decatur St

Whether you're looking for a relaxing afternoon lunch or an exciting night out, the French Quarter is the place for you. With dozens of authentic Cajun and Creole restaurants, historic locations, and music halls there's a reason why the French Quarter is a popular locale for both tourists and residents alike.

4. St. Louis Cathedral
15 Pere Antoine Alley

Originally built in the early 1700s, St. Louis Cathedral is one of New Orleans' oldest and most notable landmarks. Even though it’s undergone multiple restorations over the past two centuries, the cathedral still retains its original, breathtaking, architectural beauty and the grounds surrounding it are a must-see for anybody living in the city.

5. Preservation Hall
726 St Peter St

If New Orleans is known for anything, it's certainly its music. So anyone interested in the historic roots of the city should visit Preservation Hall, the site of the revival of New Orleans Jazz. Preservation Hall hosts concerts and other cultural events regularly—all of which are intended to preserve the rich cultural history of New Orleans.

Have you visited any of these local historical sites? Share your experiences with Springs Apartments residents in the comments section below!

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