6 Things to Love About the Covington and Slidell Area

April 05, 2017

things-to-love-about-the-new-orleans-area.jpgIf you love the place you live, you're likely to feel happier and more balanced overall. The Covington and Slidell area is a wonderful place to call home, whether you're a young professional or a middle-aged parent. Here are our top six reasons why we love living here.

1. Historic Monuments and Sculptures

If you're a history buff, both Covington and Slidell are sure to suit your fancy. In Slidell, you can visit the historic Arcade Theater, Camp Salmen House, and Francois Cousins House. The latter, built in the 1780s, was preserved and rehabilitated after Hurricane Katrina. In Covington, you can visit Christ Episcopal Church, built in 1846; it's the oldest building in town and included on the National Register of Historic Places.

2. Beautiful Parks and Gardens

The entire New Orleans area is home to many nature lovers who really enjoy the outdoors and have fought to honor it with parks and gardens. In the Covington area, visit family-friendly community parks like Bogue Falaya Park and Bogue Chitto Park. In Slidell, you can explore Camp Salmen Nature Park, a 130-acre preserve teeming with deer and migratory birds.

3. Unique Wildlife

The many marshes and wooded lands near Covington and Slidell make for a unique array of wildlife. You'll spot everything from alligators to blue herons, and perhaps even some wild pigs and horned turtles. The Barataria Preserve offers wetland walks and is a great place to spot wildlife.

4. Warm Winters

If you hate the snow and cold up north, you'll be happy to know that winter is much milder in Covington and Slidell. Even in January, temperatures rarely fall below 50 degrees. And in the summer, the weather stays generally mild with the highs in August tending toward 90 degrees.

5. Vibrant Local Music Scene

New Orleans is the birthplace of jazz, but you can find all genres of live music in the area. Most bars offer live music at least once a week, and there are many dedicated local music venues where you can listen to up-and-coming artists. The Green Room is a popular live music bar in Covington, and in Slidell, locals flock to The Landing and Time Out Lounge.

6. Delicious Pastries

The French Quarter in New Orleans is known for its baked goods, from croissants to the infamous King Cake. But even outside the city in Covington and Slidell, you'll find an array of local bake shops serving up fresh, flaky treats. You have to try the beignets, a local specialty that's similar to a light donut covered in powdered sugar. Croissants are also widely popular, and most shops serve amazing coffee to complete your delicious (though arguably, unhealthy) breakfast.

Current Springs residents, what is your favorite thing about living in Covington or Slidell? Is it the amazing pastries, the live music, the parks, or something else entirely? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments section below.

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