How to Create a Pet Friendly Environment in Your Slidell Apartment

February 17, 2016

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-NOLA.jpgAs much as pet owners love their furry friends, there are challenges to living with an indoor cat or dog. Choosing the best materials for furniture and rugs, buying the right equipment for your pet's health and entertainment, and arranging your furnishings thoughtfully will improve the life of your companion animal at Springs at Fremaux Town Center. Here are some tips on how to do just that.  

Sleeping Arrangements

Many pet owners allow their companion animals to sleep on the bed with them. This is fine, but be aware that providing a separate bed for your cat or dog can cut down on issues such as shedding and accidents. For dogs this helps establish you as pack leader. There is a wide range of attractive, comfortable and stylish bedding available for pets, including high-end designer beds that make a nice addition to the room where your pet sleeps.

Cleaning Regimen

The weather in Slidell can be rainy, so muddy paws may be an issue. It's a great convenience to have towels at the ready when you bring your pup inside. An upholstered storage bench near the front can be just the ticket for storing towels as well as leashes and toys.

Fabric Do’s and Don’ts

Choose rugs and upholstered furniture carefully. If your pets shed, choose colors that don't contrast sharply with your pet's fur color. Synthetic microfiber sofas and chairs are easy to clean, as are synthetic suede and leather. Don’t want to buy new furniture? Denim or canvas slipcovers look nice, are washable and protect expensive sofas and chairs.

Deflecting Claw Sharpening

Unless your cat is declawed, it's likely to scratch upholstered surfaces. One way to deflect this territorial behavior is to provide Fluffy with a scratching post. A carpet-covered post should be sturdy enough so it doesn't wobble, and taller than the reach of the cat. You can place the post next to furniture that’s tempting to your cat, and train your feline to use it instead.

Avoid Accidents

Move fragile items to higher ground to avoid damage from wagging tails or playtime roughhousing. Remember that cats can scale heights and get in places you've never imagined, so stow precious items in a locked cabinet where Kitty can't reach them.

A Pet Friendly Community

At Springs Apartments, we pride ourselves on providing a pet friendly community. With a leash-free dog park, pet spa area, and plenty of space to walk your pup, your four-legged friend won’t have to be indoors to feel right at home.

Do you have tips to share for a pet-friendly apartment? Add them to the comments section below.

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