Where to Get the Best Frozen Yogurt Around New Orleans

September 13, 2017

Where to Get the Best Frozen Yogurt Around New OrleansFrozen yogurt is a welcome treat that offers all the decadence of dessert without the guilt of a fatty sweet. If you’re craving the smooth, rich flavors of frozen yogurt, you’ll find several options available in the New Orleans area. Head to one of these delicious destinations for a healthy, chilly dish.

1. Pinkberry
3460 Hwy 190, Mandeville

Just 10 minutes from our Springs at River Chase community, Pinkberry is a great pick when you need a quick frozen yogurt fix. There are dozens of flavors in both the tart and sweet categories. Try pucker-inducing orange tang, lemonade or lemon lime. When you need a sweeter pick, indulge in butter pecan, coconut milk dark chocolate or peppermint cookies and cream. Mix-ins include fruits, candies, nuts and cereals so you can craft a one-of-a-kind treat.

2. Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt
9954 Lake Forest Blvd, New Orleans

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt carries a broad assortment of flavors including creamy almond, cheesecake, blueberry muffin, strawberry shortcake, kiwi, green tea, mint and more. The extensive menu includes so many diverse picks that you can find something new to try over the course of dozens of visits to this popular local destination.

3. Yogurtland
4903 Prytania St, New Orleans

Yogurtland is widely recognized as one of the best spots in the city for creamy frozen yogurt. Flavors here are complex and innovative. Try the blissful Banana Toffee Pie with flavors of toffee, banana and shortbread, or go for the spicy Sweet Chili Mango Sorbet with lemon, cayenne and Tajin spice. Flavors vary by location and season, so you never know what you might find when you stop in.

4. Counter Culture Frozen Yogurt
154 E Hall Ave, Slidell

Counter Culture Frozen Yogurt is less than a 10-minute drive from Springs at Fremaux Town Center. Founded in 1977, Counter Culture has a long history of serving up delicious specialty frozen yogurt flavors. This is different from other frozen yogurt spots in that it offers full meals as well. You can pick up a fresh salad, sandwich or homemade soup for lunch, then follow up with froyo for dessert. Try a plain yogurt or one of the day’s three other flavors, dressed up with any of 20 mix-ins.

What’s your favorite frozen yogurt in the New Orleans area? Share your recipe for sweet success so other residents can try your top flavor and mix-in combos on their next trip out for a tasty treat.

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