Tips for Decorating Your New Orleans Apartment for the Holidays

November 18, 2015

There are few things like the holidays to make your apartment feel like a home. The presence of family and friends can add to the holiday cheer. But to get your space ready for the holiday season, you need to put up some decorations. Here are some tips to consider for clever ways to decorate and dress up your apartment home.

Trim a Tree

Nothing lights up a room more than a beautifully lit tree. Generally speaking, a 6-foot tree needs about 12 boxes of 50-strand lights, and an 8-foot tree needs about 20 boxes of 50-strand lights. White lights are a classic look, but use whatever light color that suits your decorating style. Not in the mood to put up a tree? You can still add some sparkle by hanging lights around doorways and mirrors or by placing them on shelves or mantles.

Jazz Up the Windows

Maximize your decorating space by trying a creative solution like hanging ornaments or small wreaths on fish line or ribbons from the tops of the window frames. Battery-operated candles in the windows can add a warm holiday glow as can outlining the window frame with light strands.

Go Natural

If you prefer a more rustic, organic feel for your decorating, head outside and look for evergreen branches, large twigs, pine cones and other natural elements. Use them to set up a naturescape using a vase or a large round bowl. Add candles in the center to bring some warmth to this nature collection or sprinkle in a few ornaments for added sparkle.

Spruce Up Your Doorways

Your apartment doorways are great places to decorate. Drape the doorframes with natural or artificial pine swags. Then hang ornaments, holiday cards, ribbons/bows, handmade snowflakes or other items on the branches.

Wrap the Presents

Wrap up empty boxes or the presents you've already purchased and stack them for display. Put a ribbon around the entire stack and top it off with a bow or a sprig of holly. In addition to giving you some cheery decor, it also gives you a great incentive to get your shopping done early.

Have a favorite holiday decorating tip you’d like to share with Springs at Fremaux Town Center residents? Let us know in the comments section.

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