Home Alone: 4 Pet Care Options When You're Traveling for the Holidays

December 14, 2017

Pet Care Options When Going on HolidaysTraveling during the holidays can cause separation anxiety in both you and your pet. As a result, you spend all your time fretting instead of enjoying the company of family and friends.  Why let stress interfere with holiday joy? Consider these great pet care options that will give you peace of mind knowing that your precious cat or dog is safe and happy.

1. Friend or Family Member

Do you have a family member who lives nearby or a trusted neighbor in your Springs luxury apartment community? Your designated pet sitter can take your dog or cat into their home or stop by your apartment on a prearranged schedule. If they have their own pets, it's only fair to return the favor in the future.

2. Professional Pet Sitter

Lots of pet lovers turn their passion into an occupation by working as pet sitters. You can choose one who will visit your apartment each day or even stay overnight in your place. The Humane Society offers helpful tips and resources on finding and hiring qualified pet sitters.

3. In-Home Pet Boarding

Many pets prefer the security of their own home but dislike being alone. Some individuals provide pet boarding where your dog or cat has the comforts of a home setting along with the chance to interact with other pets and humans. Check out Rover or Pet Sitters International to find nearby pet boarding and reviews.

4. Traditional Pet Boarding

While traditional pet boarding services have been around for years, several are now taking advantage of technology to provide a new level of assurance for their clients. Staff members text photos of your pet and webcams are installed so you can log in and see your pet in real time.

Your vet may be able to recommend a boarding facility or visit the International Boarding & Pet Services Association website for more information. Experts recommend that cats be placed in feline-only areas where they have their own separate accommodations away from other cats.

Do you have any tips for traveling stress-free without your pet? Share them with us in the comments!New Call-to-action

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