Beat the Heat - 5 Summer Moving Day Tips

August 08, 2017

blue sky and sun.jpegMoving is a tough and stressful event even in the best of times. When you add in brutally-hot weather, relocating can move beyond simply being hard and induce feelings of misery. We at Springs of South Broadway offer the followings tips for summer moving to ease the stress. 

1. Dress for Success

One of the most basic things to remember when you're thinking about how to handle the heat on moving day is to dress in light- or white-colored clothing that's loose fitting. Add a wide-brimmed hat to provide shade and protection for your head and face. Don't forget to slather on the sunscreen to all areas of your skin that could potentially be exposed to the sun. 

2. Start Early 

Aim to complete most of your moving during the early hours of the morning, if possible. Even if you aren't able to finish everything before the noontime sun starts beaming down relentlessly on you and those who are helping, accomplishing the bulk of it before then means that you'll be in the heat for less time. 

3. Be Protective

Consider the effects of the extreme heat on your belongings. Sensitive items such as electronics, computers and makeup that can malfunction or melt when the temperature skyrockets should be kept out of the moving van and in your air-conditioned vehicle. 

Don't forget to accommodate both your pets and your plants during this move during hot weather. Make sure that you keep your pets in the shade and air conditioning the entire time. Offer them plenty of water on a regular basis. Water your plants generously in the morning before you start the move. 

4. Make Hydration Your Focus

Of course, you're focused on trying to move as quickly and efficiently as possible but don't forget to stay hydrated. Getting dehydrated is as dangerous to your body as sun stroke. Keep a cooler filled with bottled water in your car or the moving truck. Shun sodas and other drinks with a lot of sugar and stick to drinking water only. 

5. Try to Make it Fun

Even with the excessive heat, it's still possible to make moving fun. Before moving day, make up a playlist of your favorite music, grab your ear buds on the day of the move and use your tunes to add some personality to your day. When coupled with the above tips, even the heat won't be able to keep you down on this momentous occasion. 

We at Springs of South Broadway hope these tips for moving in the heat help make your day smoother. As a member of our community, we're here to help you on moving day and beyond. Give us a call at 507-405-5995 if you need more tips or to discover all the fantastic features of our townhome community. 


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