3 Organic/Health Food Markets to Check Out in Rochester, Minnesota

May 03, 2016

Health-Food-Markets-Rochester-MN.jpgMoving into a new home often involves a few nights of takeout, delivery, and/or eating out because your kitchen is festooned with boxes. But eventually you'll get enough kitchen goods put away that it’ll be possible to cook again. When that happens, it's time to head out to Rochester's organic and natural-foods markets for some healthy fare. Here are three markets that are all just a short drive away from Springs at South Broadway.

1. Rochester Downtown Farmer's Market
4th St & 4th Ave SE

Spend your Saturday mornings browsing through aisles of locally grown and produced goods from Minnesota's finest farmers and artisans. This year-round farmer's market heads indoors in winter, but heads outdoors from May until the end of October—when live music and chef demos are on display. You can find everything from fruits, vegetables, and meats to flowers, homemade skincare products, and more.

2. People's Food Co-op
519 1st Ave SW

If you're concerned about the sustainability of your food or want to know exactly where it's from, head over to People's Food Co-op. This customer-owned co-op has two locations, one in Rochester and another over in La Crosse, Wisconsin. Become a member to take full advantage of all the classes and specials that the co-op offers, and stop off at the deli to have a healthy meal before you begin shopping. People's tries to source its products locally, so you know your money is going right back into the local community.

3. Natural Grocers
1507 Greenview Dr SW

Natural Grocers is a relatively widespread chain with locations in several states. The store's philosophy is centered on providing healthy, fresh food to the community at affordable prices. The store has high standards for its dairy and meat products, and you can also rest assured that your purchases there won't contain GMOs or rBGH, and the dairy products will not be from cows kept in confinement dairies. If you're concerned about whether you can trust the label on a product, Natural Grocers is where you want to go.

Have you found any other natural-foods or organic markets in the region? Where are they? Let us know by posting a comment below!

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