4 Interesting Facts About Rochester, Minnesota

June 16, 2016

Rochester_Facts.jpgHow well do you think you know Rochester, Minnesota? While this may have been your hometown for quite some time now, we have a feeling that you may not be familiar with all of these fun facts about the city:

1. Rochester earned the nickname "Med City" as it’s home to the Mayo Clinic

Many famous people from around the world have traveled to Rochester to receive treatment at the Mayo Clinic, including former Presidents George Bush Senior, Gerald Ford, and Ronald Reagan. The Mayo Clinic has been continuously recognized for being one of the best hospitals in the nation, making the top five list of hospitals and health systems in the country for the past four years.

2. Rochester, Minnesota is consistently ranked as one of the best places to live

In 2016, Rochester was ranked by Livability as the top small to mid-sized city to live in. While the city itself has just over 100,000 residents, big employers such as the Mayo Clinic make Rochester an economic powerhouse, leading to a wide variety of restaurants, culture, and amenities.

3. The city offers a wealth of parks and recreation

Rochester has an enormous park system, with more than 100 sites that span more than 5 square miles. If you enjoy running, biking, or walking, you'll appreciate the 85 miles of paved trails that wind throughout the city. One of the more popular trails, the Douglas State Trail, was actually built on an abandoned railroad grade.

4. Rochester is an extremely pet-friendly town

In addition to the many miles of paved trails throughout the city that are perfect for walking your pet, Rochester features several dog parks with off-leash play areas. While you may chose Springs at South Broadway for its pet-friendliness, you’ll find the same regard for your furry friend throughout the city.

Now that you've learned more about Rochester, we hope you'll take the time to explore all that our great city has to offer. Do you know of any other interesting Rochester facts? Let us know in the comments below!

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