Date Night Ideas for Rochester MN Include Pizza Farms

September 06, 2017

Couple holding hands at dinner at home in the dining room.jpegOne person's idea of what would be a great date may be another's idea of torture.

Enough people are anxious about planning and going on a date that how-to articles are plentiful, including -- we kid you not -- a step-by-step illustrated guide at WikiHow. But why would we kid you? This is, after all, a how-to article of sorts.

Whether you are single and looking for Mr./Ms. Right, in a relationship or married, we want to help you discover great date night ideas for Rochester, MN.

Our first piece of advice is to think about what the invitee likes, but always plan date nights based on activities you also enjoy and that won't break your budget. Here are some ideas.

Deep Dish Romance Down on the Farm

Every area has its charming eccentricities. If you are new to Minnesota and the upper Midwest, perhaps you've never heard of pizza farms.

As the Explore Minnesota website explains, the farms offer a pleasant change of scene and fresh, wood-fire pizza. You bring the rest, including "plates, utensils, picnic blankets, drinks and side dishes."

In July, the Rochester MN Moms Blog published a Guide to Pizza Farms in the Rochester area. At least one offers a "vegan friendly" menu.

Burgers and Bowling

Bowlocity is a great choice if you and your date (1) enjoy bowling, (2) aren't intent on quiet conversation and (3) prefer dinner in a sports bar.

Sea Food, Hear Music

Select concerts from hard rock to Renaissance a capella at the Mayo Civic Center, 30 Center Drive SE. Begin the evening with an elegant seafood dinner nearby at Pescara, 150 South Broadway. For other dining choices, visit the Rochester MN Convention and Visitors Bureau's restaurant guide.

Dancing at the Blue Moon

You don't have to be a student of the Blue Moon Ballroom, 2030 Highway 14 East, to attend a dance. The ballroom and dance school regularly holds public events where people of many ages and abilities fox trot, tango and have a good time. Dances usually begin with a brief lesson and the $10 price is right for an inexpensive date. You can even submit song requests online.

Day Time Paddling Date

Some dating activities require sunlight. Renting a boat and Paddling on Silver Lake, 840 7th Street NE, is a fun daytime date for couples who enjoy spending time on the water. 

Or you may want to travel north of the city to reach a popular local stretch of the Minnesota Water Trail. In a guide to the Zumbro and Whitewater rivers, Minnesota State Parks and Trails notes that two favorite choices "are from the Zumbro Lake power dam to Zumbro Falls or from Zumbro Falls to either Hammond or Millville." 

Lake or river, don't forget to pack a picnic basket. Some good places to buy picnic treats include:

  • Your local Hy-Vee market (Rochester has four)
  • Silver Lake Foods, 1402 North Broadway Avenue and
  • People's Food Co-op, 519 1st Avenue SW.

No-No or Order to Go-Go?

If you read date night how-to articles that include suggestions about what not to do, you'll notice that sharing take-out is a no-no. But if you just can't resist, one easy way to access dinners from many Rochester MN restaurants is by using the Waiter Express app. As with any service, test and verify first. You wouldn't want to keep your date waiting for dinner.

Living Close to Romance

To live close to all this romance and amid a friendly apartment community offering many amenities, call us at The Springs at South Broadway. We won't tattle that you served your date takeout.

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