9 Items that Should Never Go on a Moving Truck

May 01, 2018


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

Are you planning your move into one of our Springs luxury apartment communities? No matter how carefully you pack or how reliable the movers are, some items should never be transported in a truck.

Here's a handy reference guide listing items that should stay with you from move-out through move-in.

1. Flammable Materials

If you load items such as alcohol or lighter fluid on the truck, you could see your possessions go up in flames in a matter of minutes. Even something as innocent-seeming as nail polish remover could get overheated or catch a spark, leading to disaster. Watch for the words "Keep away from open flame" on the label.

2. Important Documents

Yes, birth certificates and passports can be replaced, but you know all the red tape and inconvenience that involves. Worst case scenario is that your Social Security number and other confidential information gets into the hands of the wrong person.

3. Prescription and Over-the-Counter Medications

Keeping prescription meds handy is probably a no-brainer. If you come down with a headache or sore muscles during the move, the last thing you'll feel like doing is making an emergency run for Tylenol.

4. Jewelry and Other Valuables

"Valuable" doesn't refer only to monetary worth. Family heirlooms, photos, and other non-replaceable items of sentimental value should go in the car, not the truck.

5. Pet Food

When Fido and Whiskers get hungry, they won't care that you're in the middle of a big move. You don't have to carry any big, bulky bags. Just pack food and water dishes along with plastic bags containing enough for two or three feedings.

6. Perishable Food

Don't count on being able to unload perishable foods within a safe window of time. Use up as much as you can before moving day, and place the rest in a cooler to go in your car.

7. Plants

No one's thumb is green enough to revive a plant that's been tossed around inside a dark, dry, airless truck. Keep them safe by transporting them separately.

8. Extra Cash

While you're unlikely to put any cash inside a moving truck, you should plan on having some folding bills on hand to tip the movers or cover any last-minute incidentals.

9. First-Night Kit

Who wants to spend the first evening in a new home frantically searching for toilet paper? Assemble a box containing anything you may need to pass the first night comfortably. In addition to toilet paper, some must-haves include sheets and towels, toiletries and device chargers.

Do you have suggestions for items that need a little TLC during a move? Share them in the comments!

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