The 3 Best Movie Theaters in Rochester, Minnesota

November 30, 2016

Movie_Theatres_Rochester.jpgAre you in the mood for a new flick? Catch the latest releases in comfortable surroundings at one of Rochester’s popular movie theaters. You have several great options to choose from near Springs at South Broadway, so you can always snag a ticket to the next big film.

1. Paragon Chateau
3450 East Circle Dr NE
5.8 miles from Springs at South Broadway

The Paragon Chateau theater offers everything you need for a supremely relaxing experience. Theaters feature stadium seating and reserved luxury recliners, so you can literally kick back as you enjoy the show. With a full bar on-site, you can grab anything from a soda to a cocktail to complete your evening. Are you planning a special event? This theater hosts fundraisers, birthday parties, gaming parties, and private screenings as well.

2. CineMagic Odyssey Theater Hollywood 12
2171 Superior Dr NW
7.2 miles from Springs at South Broadway

The CineMagic Odyssey Theater Hollywood 12 offers all the standard features of a top-notch movie theater along with some special perks that add extra interest to select engagements. The fully immersive panoramic experience in the Barco Escape theater puts you in the middle of three screens, so you’re surrounded by the action. This theater boasts enhanced 7.1 surround sound for two channels of audio in this exciting theater.

If you’re interested in a budget-friendly experience, stop in on $5 Tuesdays for a cheap movie any time of the day or night, and take advantage of a variety of additional specials.

3. Wehrenberg Theatres Rochester Galaxy 14 + IMAX
4340 Maine Ave SE
2.4 miles from Springs at South Broadway

Wehrenberg Theatres Rochester Galaxy 14 boasts the largest movie screen in Rochester in its IMAX theater. All theaters offer stadium seating and “snuggle seats” with movable armrests, so you can lift the barrier and get cozy during the movie. Military discounts are offered every day of the week, while children, students, and seniors enjoy discounted tickets as well.

What’s your favorite theater in the Rochester? Are you a fan of IMAX or do you prefer the Barco Escape? Let us know in the comments section below!

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