Express Yourself with 6 Creative Redecorating Ideas for Under $100

(July 24, 2018)


This article originally appeared on the Springs "You're Home Blog."

When it comes to decorating your Springs Apartments home, does your budget not quite match up with your taste? Adding style doesn't have to drain your bank account. We're sharing some of our favorite redecorating tips that cost less than $100, that will have your home looking like a million bucks!

Use Fabric to Update Lampshades

You may not give lampshades much thought, but you'll be surprised what a difference they can make to a room's look. Instead of buying new ones, cover the current lampshades with fabric in a favorite color or appealing pattern. Best of all, there's no sewing required. All you need are scissors, butcher paper or newspaper for the pattern, and fabric glue. 

Build a Pallet Coffee Table

This project gives you a funky, customized coffee table while boosting your "green" lifestyle points. Give new life to an ordinary pallet with a coat of paint and add wheels for easy movement. The table includes storage space for books and magazines or extra throws for those cold winter nights.

Make a Tray from a Cookie Sheet

cookie sheet is the ideal shape for a tray. With just a little TLC, it can look like an elegant piece from a high-end department or furnishings store. Use it as a serving piece or place it on top of a dresser to hold jewelry.

Create a Trendy Pouf

Don't spend big bucks on a stylish pouf. With some basic stitching and some polyfill or cotton stuffing, you can have a pouf that's one of a kind. They're so simple to make that you can create a new one to suit any decorating whim.

Turn a Hamper into a Side Table

Who would think that a humble laundry hamper from Ikea would make a striking side table? Just remove the fabric, get a piece of wood that fits the top, and stain it in your desired shade. If you want the table to do double duty, there's room underneath for a basket to hold magazines, toys or other items.  

DIY Wall Art

So you think you're not an artist? You might surprise yourself when you try your hand at some whimsical wall art projects. Here are some clever ideas to get you started.

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