4 Top Photographers to Consider in Fort Myers

Jean Jones
June 06, 2016

Photographers_SWF.jpgAccording to PetaPixel, today we snap as many photos every two minutes as we did throughout the entire century of the 1800s. We post our shots on Instagram and Facebook, and share via phone, Internet and other means. Capturing moments of our lives has become second nature and there are a number of Fort Myers photographers who can help you make a permanent record of everything from your engagement and wedding day to precious family moments. If you’re looking for some top-notch photography for your special moments, turn to one of these local photographers.

1. Barry Milligan

Barry Milligan began with a graphic design career and photography hobby, but his stunning photos became so popular among family and friends that he was able to turn his passion into a thriving business. He enjoys doing a wide variety of photography shoots including weddings, pregnancy photos, real estate photos, headshots, family portraits, and more. He travels throughout the Southwest Florida area so you can use your favorite park, city location, or even your own home for your shoot.

2. Naples Videography & Photography

Naples Videography & Photography supplies photos and videos for weddings and other special events throughout Southwest Florida. These videographers not only capture your special day, but also painstakingly edit the photos so you’ll always have a finished product that’s carefully polished. If you’re interested in both photos and videos for an event, you can enjoy the perks of packaged pricing at Naples & Photography.

3. Celine Michelle Photography

Celine Michelle offers Naples and Fort Myers photography services. She’s won the “Best of the Knot” award and taken photos of weddings in four countries and 12 states. In addition to wedding and engagement photos, she also does intimate boudoir photography for a fresh and playful change from traditional shoots.

4. Sebrie Images Photography

Sebrie Images Photography specializes in beach photography, getting that perfect blend of sky, sea, and sand in your vibrant shots. You can book portraits, wedding photography, and even corporate photography with Sebrie. If you want your shoot to take place on the beach, and you’re looking for photography professionals who have a skilled hand at dealing with all the elements, you can’t find a better fit than this company.

Sure, a smartphone does a great job of taking shots of everyday life, but there are a number of important events that deserve the skills and experience of a professional photographer. If you want a photo to be something you’ll always treasure, talk to one of these Fort Myers pros.

Have you had a great photography experience in the area? Share with us in the comments below.

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