4 Ways to Make Your Fort Myers Apartment Pet Friendly

Jean Jones
February 22, 2016

Pet-Friendly-Apartment-SWF.jpgIt’s almost a given that you’re going to love the amenities and beautiful environment of your Springs at Estero apartment home – but are you prepared to make sure your pet has that same great experience? Taking steps to create a pet-friendly environment is the best way to ensure a happy coexistence.

With these four helpful tips, your Springs Apartments home will be as much of an oasis for your pet buddies as it is for you!

Safety First 

Dogs and cats are curious by nature – most will poke, prod, jump, and climb on anything they find interesting. With this in mind:

  • Place childproof locks on kitchen and bathroom cabinets to prevent pets from getting into dangerous household chemicals and cleaners
  • Keep potentially harmful food items well out of reach of even the most curious critters
  • Use the Internet to check to make sure your specific houseplants are not toxic to animals
  • Enclose power cords and cables in pet-resistant material securely behind furniture to prevent chewing and electrical shocks
  • If you have inquisitive pets, especially small ones, keep toilet lids down and washer and dryer doors closed

Quiet Time 

Setting up an area that’s strictly for your pets will keep them happy campers. Whether on the dog's bed or your cat's favorite chair, place your pet in a cozy location near a window, if possible, alongside their favorite toys. Crates are ideal for pets you don’t entirely trust (especially young ones) to roam around your apartment. Crating your pet is a humane way to ensure they stay safe during your absence. Plus, it gives them a space that is all their own. Make sure, though, that your pet has enough room to move around in the crate, and is large enough that you can place a bowl of water inside.

Dog Gate 

A dog gate is essential for any owner who wants to protect his or her belongings. Some people use gates to keep pets out of their bedrooms, where pet hair tends to cling to clothes and bedding; others will use one to keep a dog or cat out of areas where their pet could get into something toxic, like detergent or cleaning supplies. A gate can also be a lifesaver when you have pet-averse friends over (and to prevent your pet from slipping out the door as guests enter).

Older Pets 

If you allow your pet to access furniture, place ramps in front of chairs and couches to prevent scratching/clawing and to make it easier for them to reach. Some older pets need to get outside more frequently than when they were young, and if that’s the case you can use special absorb pads to catch any mishaps when you’re not at home. PetSmart Estero/Bonita Springs and Petco in Fort Myers both offer a wide variety of products to keep your pet happy and healthy. 

Finally, don’t forget about the special amenities Springs at Estero has just for your pet – a large leash-free fenced area for exercise and play, and a pet spa where you can give your furry friend a bath.

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