6 Ways to Add Color to Your Fort Myers Apartment Without Paint

February 29, 2016
Adding-Color-Without-Paint-SWF.jpgLiving in an apartment home doesn't mean you have to resign yourself to living a neutrals-and-white existence. In fact, as you'll see in the following tips, the pristine walls of your Fort Myers apartment home are the perfect backdrop for an interior that is uniquely you. Without ever picking up a paintbrush, you can turn that blank canvas into a cozy retreat that reflects your personality and lifestyle.

Start With a Rug

We tend to focus on walls and windows when we decorate, but a big colorful floor rug can make a huge impact on a room. In addition to adding color and texture, a well-placed rug can divide a room into distinct areas.

Add Large, Colorful Art

An oversized piece of art, a well-chosen tapestry or quilt, or even a large poster can give a room a focal point and bring drama and energy to your apartment home. Large pieces of art don't have to be expensive — there are many affordable options online. Also, take a look at the textiles you already have; you may have something that would be perfect.

Choose Colorful Pillows and Throws

Brighten up your apartment home with colorful pillows and throws. These accessories are inexpensive, but they can really brighten up a room. Some people like to change their pillows and throws according to the season, which can keep your decor fresh as well as comfortable.

Cover Backs of Bookcases with Colorful Paper

Add a splash of color and interest to a room by covering the backs of your bookcases with colorful paper. You can use wallpaper, scrapbook paper, or even fabric to bring in just the right colors that will create an interesting accent to a room. 

Paint Wooden Furniture

If your wooden furniture looks tired and bland, give it new life by painting it with bright colors. You can paint rocking chairs, dining chairs and tables, benches, and bookcases. For an eclectic look, paint each of your dining chairs a different color. If you're trying to pull everything together and increase harmony, choose a color you love and use it to paint several different pieces of furniture.

Add Plants

Not only do plants provide beautiful color, but they also bring growing, thriving life to your apartment and improve the air quality in your home.Our Springs Apartments communities in Fort Myers and Estero provide a great backdrop for your one-of-a-kind interiors.

Have a favorite way to incorporate color in your space? Tell us in the comments section below.

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