Cool Down at These 4 Top Ice Cream Places in Fort Myers

July 25, 2016

Ice-Cream-Shops-SWF.jpgIn the Southwest Florida heat, what could be better than a scoop of cold, creamy ice cream? Thankfully, the area is home to plenty of ice cream shops where you can satisfy your cravings. Here are four of the best around:

1. Love Boat   
16229 San Carlos Blvd

Love Boat opened in 1967, and they've been satisfying customers with their creative flavors ever since. Their selection includes more than 50 flavors, plus sorbets, frozen yogurt, fat-free, and sugar-free varieties, which are all made on-site. Love Boat doesn't skimp on the toppings, either. From Nilla Wafers to mini marshmallows and malt balls, they have almost anything you could want to top your ice cream.

2. Best Ice Cream    
2215-K Winkler Ave

Best Ice Cream's slogan is "experience the most exotic ice cream on the planet," and they really do live up to it. While they do offer traditional scooped ice cream, the star attractions are their ice cream creations, which include ice cream cakes and pies. The Boom! Ice Cream Dream Pie, made with vanilla ice cream and an explosion of cookies in the center, is a tried-and-true favorite. Best Ice Cream also offers unique flavors, such as Noche Nutella Crunch and Mango.

3. Daddy Dee's Ice Cream Parlor   
13161 N Cleveland Ave

Daddy Dee's Ice Cream Parlor has an old-fashioned, family-friendly feeling, with knick knacks on the walls and a model train running along a track on the wall. Sundaes are served in tall glass dishes and are always topped with that classic cherry. Of course, the ice cream is also delicious, as it's made with a high butterfat content that provides a very smooth, rich mouth-feel. The selection of flavors includes the classics like chocolate and vanilla, but you'll also find more creative concoctions like the raspberry truffle and espresso.

4. 2 Scoops & Sprinkles  
12995 S Cleveland Ave 
Suite 131 

This family-owned ice cream shop prides itself on offering friendly service and a comfortable atmosphere. At the back of the shop, there's a cozy little area with a television, comfy seating, and toys for the kids, making this the perfect place to stop with your kids. The most popular item at 2 Scoops & Sprinkles might be their brownie sundaes, which come with a generously sized, fudgey brownie and tons of whipped cream. Customers are also able to sample flavors before ordering, which is helpful since many of the flavors have creative names like "Superman."

You really can't go wrong with ice cream after lunch, after dinner, or even as your dinner on a hot day. What's your favorite ice cream shop in the Southwest Florida area? Let us know in the comments!

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