Electronics Recycling Options in Fort Myers

Jean Jones
August 26, 2015


As time between the new electronic gadgets gets shorter and shorter, you sometimes may feel like you’re drowning in old electronics in your apartment. Of course, you know that simply dumping your old computer or printer or tablet in the trash is environmentally destructive as well as dangerous to your own privacy. So, what to do with that tablet gathering dust in your spare room?

Fort Myers has several options for getting rid of your electronics safely and responsibly, including:

E Scrap

This family-owned business offers businesses and organizations certified data destruction and licensed recycling for free. You can drop off almost all your old electronics, except for glass screen televisions and monitors. E Scrap assures customers that they comply with all local, state and federal regulations. 

Goodwill Industries of Southwest Florida

Your donated electronics can help Goodwill with their job training program as well as getting them recycled responsibly. Goodwill’s site states they will wipe your hard drive using standards set up by the U.S Department of Homeland Security, but they do also suggest you wipe it yourself before donating. They accept computers, laptops, tablets, game systems as well as power and connecting cords. Goodwill will assess whether the item can be reused. If it cannot, they work with several environmentally-conscious recyclers. 

Best Buy

Most Best Buy stores accept electronics for recycling and the Fort Myers store is no different. They will take your old electronics free of charge, but you will have to pay if you want them to wipe your hard drive. Best Buy works with contracted recycling partners to take care of all the obsolete computers and other electronics. In fact, they have set a goal of recycling 2 billion pounds of electronics by the year 2020.

City of Fort Myers

Finally, the City of Fort Myers public works department accepts recycling of all kinds, including electronics. Contact the city for additional details. 

With such great options for getting rid of your old electronics, there really isn't much excuse for letting them pile up. So stop procrastinating and collect all the worn out electronics from your Springs Apartment home and recycle them today!

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