How to Evaluate Pet-Friendly Apartments in Southwest Florida

November 28, 2016

Evaluate_Pet-Friendly_Apt-SWF.jpgYou wouldn't move into an apartment without evaluating its compatibility with your lifestyle. Doesn't your loyal pet deserve the same consideration? Ask the following four important questions when you're looking for a pet-friendly luxury apartment in Southwest Florida.

1. Is There Room to Move?

Even small lap dogs need some breathing space where they can get some exercise and play time. Many urban apartment communities are located downtown or in other densely populated areas, making it difficult to walk your dog comfortably. Our Springs Southwest Florida communities have convenient off-leash dog parks where you and your precious pooch can spend some quality time together and socialize with other pets and their "humans."

2. Can You Make a Quick Exit?

If it's late at night or pouring down rain, neither you nor your pet will look forward to negotiating a series of hallways and stairs. Each one of our Springs luxury apartment homes has a private entry and no more than one flight of stairs for a fast and easy exit.

3. Is Your Pet on the Approved List?

Not all pet-friendly apartment communities welcome all pets. Many of them have restrictions regarding types, breeds and sizes that are allowed. We are an equal-opportunity pet-friendly community where the doors are open to birds, fish, lizards, rabbits and even many larger dog breeds.

4. Do Other Residents Follow the "Golden Rule?"

"Do unto others as you would have them do unto you." How do the community grounds look? Is there doggy waste scattered around? Do other pet owners keep their dogs well-behaved? These signs will let you know if the other residents are considerate pet owners. At Springs, we encourage responsible pet ownership with our PooPrints™ service that identifies offenders.

Do you share your Springs luxury apartment home with a colorful or unusual pet? Let us know in the comments!

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