The Highest-Rated Attractions in Fort Myers

October 12, 2015


You want to live the best possible lifestyle, no matter which city you happen to call home. In Fort Myers, the first step to the good life is choosing Springs Apartments. Once you've chosen the right apartment home, it's time to explore your city. According to, here are the attractions in Fort Myers that you don't want to miss.

Edison and Ford Winter Estates

This site was the home of Thomas Edison, and has museums, labs and beautifully kept grounds. Whether you're a history buff or not, this peek into the “lifestyles of the rich and famous” 100 years ago is a must-see. Also, make sure you don't miss the Banyan Tree.

Six Mile Cypress Slough Preserve

This is a great place to glimpse nature at its most beautiful and peaceful. The boardwalk allows visitors to see famous Florida wildlife like alligators, water birds, and snakes from a comfortable distance. When you want to see what Florida is known for without being in crowded touristy areas, this nature preserve makes for a relaxing day.

McGregor Boulevard

When you think of Florida, you probably think of palm trees. If that's true for you, you definitely don't want to miss McGregor Boulevard. This main street is lined with majestic palm trees and is Florida at its most beautiful. If you're taking out-of-town visitors on a tour of Fort Myers, make sure to show them McGregor Boulevard.

Lakes Regional Park

Outdoor enthusiasts will love coming here for biking, boating or even taking kids on a train ride. The park even has water bikes available for rental and gazebos you can reserve, though those in the know recommend reserving space for weekends well in advance. You won't want to miss the fresh produce at the farmer's market, either.

Port Sanibel Marina

Florida's location on the water means that boating and fishing is a big pastime here. Even if you don't have your own boat, you can still rent a boat for the day at the Port Sanibel Marina. You'll love the great views, sandy beaches and delicious lunch at the Fish House.

Fort Myers Brewing Company

If you're not a fan of the outdoors, or you're just looking for some indoor relaxation, you won't want to miss the Fort Myers Brewing Company. With a variety of microbrews on tap and delicious food trucks out front, this is not just a place, but an experience.

Know of any other “can’t-miss” attractions that you would recommend? Let us know in the comments section below.

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