10 Survival Tips for a Hot Moving Day in Southwest Florida

August 01, 2017

Staying_Cool_in_Summer.jpgSummer heat and humidity can be stunning in Southwest Florida, especially if you are new to the state and come from an area with a cooler, drier climate. Even for folks who've lived here for many years, a summer moving day is an event to approach with caution.

Here are 12 tips to help you prepare for and get through moving to a new Florida residence at this time of year.

Understand the Heat Index

"Heat index" refers to what the temperature feels like, not what it is. Relative humidity (RH) intensifies heat. If air is dense with moisture, a high temperature feels hotter. As the National Weather Service notes, a 96 degree F day with 65 percent humidity feels like 121 degrees.

Hire a Professional Mover

Getting moving help from friends may seem less expensive, but the process can take longer and lead to unexpected costs such as broken furniture and emergency room visits due to heat exhaustion. Here is more information about working with a mover in Southwest Florida.

Crank Up the AC

Double check with your apartment manager or landlord about the move-in date so air conditioning in your home will greet you with a comfortable chill. If you are moving from a cooler climate where you never refreshed or repaired your automobile's air conditioning , get it done before leaving for Florida. Otherwise, you may find yourself raving upon arrival.

Plan Your Day Strategically

Be strategic and plan for heat. Arrive early at your new home on moving day to get the heavy lifting done during cooler hours. Plan a mid-day siesta indoors to cool off or spend time wandering the frozen food aisles of your new supermarket. Living in Fort Myers should be relaxing from day one.

Stay Hydrated

Drink plenty of water on moving day. The Mayo Clinic notes that confusion, dizziness, fatigue and dark urine are signs of dehydration in adults.

Ease Up Physically

If you are unaccustomed to the heat of summer in Southwest Florida moderate your regular workout routines in coming weeks until acclimated. Keep in mind that the heavy lifting of moving is an intense workout, so take frequent, quick breaks from the work. Also, wear light clothing and sunscreen when outdoors, because summer living in Estero and Fort Myers can be intensely sunny.

Pack an Ovenight Bag

Buzzfeed offers some excellent packing tips. One idea is to pack an overnight bag containing necessities, such as a change of clothing, toiletries, any regular medicines you take and mobile equipment including your laptop/

Label Box Contents & Destination

Anyone who has been through a well-organized move will tell you that labeling packing boxes speeds up the process. Good organization can save you lots of perspiration. So, mark cartons to indicate contents and the rooms where you want them placed. Buzzfeed suggests color coding the labels for even faster sorting of location.

Maintain a Sense of Humor

Take time to laugh both while preparing for your move and on the day you battle the heat. Read John Gower's NerdWallet post on moving to Florida, which he says "is not fit for human habitation."

Protect Your Pet

One last tip: If you have a pet, pack a container with all the medical records, food, toys, leashes and other equipment you will need immediately for proper care. Don't forget a water bowl and some ice cubes.

By the way, the Springs at Gulf Coast in Estero and and the Springs at Six Mile Cypress in Fort Myers are such pet-friendly apartment communities that each one provides leash-free playgrounds, cat care centers and pet spas. Call us today at (239) 215-2153 (Fort Myers) and (239) 201-3777 (Estero).

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