6 Cost-Saving Tips for Buying Furniture for Your Tulsa Apartment

December 31, 2015

Save_on_Furniture_Tulsa.jpgFurnishing your Springs at Woodlands South apartment in Tulsa is one of the most exciting parts of a new apartment home. Determining what furniture will make the best use of your space, while providing the function you need, can be a lot of fun. It can also be a place where a lot of money is spent. If you’re shopping for furniture for your Tulsa apartment, but your money is tight, consider these cost-saving tips.

Know When to Shop

Timing your shopping trip can help you save big. February and August are the two months when new furniture styles hit the stores, so expect big discounts on old inventory just before that. In January and July, floor samples can have even deeper discounts, as these models need to move to make room for the next hot new item.

Shop for Needs First

Sometimes your budget won't allow you to furnish an entire room in one fell swoop. If this is your reality, start with the most important items, such as the couch in the living room or the bed in the bedroom. These are where you’ll want to spend a little more. Then, over time you can furnish the rest of your space.

Choose Pieces That Will Last

Don't buy this season's hot pattern or color. Instead, buy something that is more evergreen in nature, and use throw pillows, blankets and other decor items to bring in the latest trends. This will let you get more use out of the furnishings you do buy.

Don't Fear Negotiation

Chain stores may not have much room for negotiation, but local independent shops do. If you have cash, use that as a negotiation tool, and consider simply asking for a better price. Most stores will mark up their furniture enough to negotiate a bit, and they may be willing to drop the price if they see that you’re willing to walk out the door.

Avoid Buying on a Whim

Before you start shopping for furniture, have an overall plan. This will protect you from those "on a whim" purchases that just don't flow with your existing decor and layout. No matter how cute that chair is, if it doesn’t match the rest of your living room decor, it’s wasting your money.

Watch for Hidden Costs

Delivery costs, taxes and other fees are often added to furniture price tags. Before you whip out your credit card and slap it down to pay for that new piece, ask about all potential costs. Also, some types of furniture, like hardwood or leather pieces, require specific types of maintenance. Consider this cost before you buy.

We want to know what you have done to furnish your apartment without spending a fortune. Leave a comment to tell us your favorite tips and tricks.

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