Give Your Tulsa Apartment A Fresh Look with the Right Window Treatments

March 24, 2016

Window-Treatments-Tulsa.jpgWindows play a crucial role in the ambiance of your apartment home. Not only do they allow for ventilation and light, but they can also affect the quality of your sleep, comfort in hot or cold weather, and your general mood.

The windows at Springs at Woodlands South feature stylish 2" faux-wood blinds but you might want to add some flair to your window – and room – with some simple treatments, and we’ve outlined some of the most popular here. (Keep in mind that any hardware added to walls or window frames must be removed when vacating an apartment and any holes filled in with the appropriate compound.)

1. Valances and Scarves

If you want to soften the appearance of your windows, look into adding a valance or scarf (essentially a long, tapered length of fabric) to the top of the window frame. Use removable wall hooks (Command® is one brand) attached directly to the window frame or to wall to hold the valance or scarf in place. This is a simple approach that allows you to inexpensively coordinate your window treatment with other fabrics in your apartment, like a bedspread or sofa pillows. The great thing about these options is that both can be “DIY,” with a little fabric and some crafting skills!

2. Sheers

Some people like the added privacy a sheer curtain provides when their blinds are open. Sheers are made of thin fabric that allows plenty of light in the room, but obstructs a clear view when they’re looked through.

Sheers are a good way to add some softness to the room when you don’t want something as heavy as curtains, and come in a number of colors (and even some patterns) to complement your furnishings. They do require some hardware to hang, so measure carefully before buying, and don’t forget to repair any damage to walls or wood frames when you remove them.

3. Curtains

While valances, scarves and sheers all are designed to just add a little interest and softness to your windows, curtains are somewhat more functional, in that you can fully close off the window and blinds; you might want to do this for privacy or just because you like the look.

Curtains come in dozens of colors, patterns and fabrics, and are available from most home goods retailers. In choosing the right curtains for your apartment home, first think about the furniture and accent pieces (like sofa pillows and artwork) you have; look for colors and patterns that complement these. Once you make a selection, pay close attention to the kind and size of rod required; this information will be on the package or on the website detail.

Have you had luck with specific window treatments for wood blinds? Did you create something yourself or purchase it? Show us pictures and we’ll share!

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