New School Year Survival Guide for Tulsa Parents

August 18, 2016

School-Year-Guide-Tulsa.jpgWith the school year just a few days away in Tulsa, busy parents may still find themselves struggling to make the adjustment. If you’re looking for an easy way to streamline your school days, try these tricks to set your family up for a successful year:

Stick to a Schedule

Back to school season also means getting back to a predictable routine. If your family is slow and groggy in the mornings, do as much as you can the night before. Lay out clothes, fill back packs, prepare lunches, and take baths in the evening so your mornings are more relaxed. Try to avoid chaotic mornings and instead implement helpful habits, like getting dressed before breakfast, eating at the table, and brushing teeth last.

Feed the Family

A healthy breakfast will help give everyone a bright start to the day, so be sure to prepare healthful options that will feed everyone in the family. If you don’t have time for extensive food prep each morning, freeze breakfast burritos, sandwiches, baggies of smoothie ingredients, or waffles on the weekend to thaw and enjoy throughout the week.

Plan ahead for lunches, after school snacks, and family dinners as well. Gather the family for a quick bite when the kids come home from school, or a leisurely dinner when everyone is home from work, and you’ll have a valuable opportunity to connect with one another and find out what happened during the day.

Create a Study Corner

Homework is a necessary evil during the school year, but you can minimize much of the hassle and fuss by giving children a productive place to work. Set aside a quiet study corner and minimize distractions while children are working. Keep all the necessary supplies close by, such as sharpened pencils, paper, highlighters, and flashcards, so students don’t have to waste precious study time hunting down the things they need.

Remember to Relax

Don’t let the hectic pace of getting back to school take over your lives. Remember to slow down on the weekends and enjoy family time together. This will help everyone unwind and recharge for the next week. Mark your calendar for fun local events like Tulsa’s Great Raft Race on September 5, or A Night Under the Stars: A Family Campout at Haikey Creek Park on September 9 and 10.

What are your favorite tips and tricks for getting back to school hassle-free? Share your ideas in the comments section below.

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