Tips for Moving a Short Distance in Tulsa

Jean Jones
September 15, 2016

Short-Distance-Move-Tulsa.jpgMoving across town may seem like a cinch compared to moving across state lines, but many people get themselves into trouble by underestimating the amount of effort a local move can take. To make sure you're not left pulling your hair out on moving day, follow these tips for moving a short distance in Tulsa.

Stock Up On Packing Supplies Ahead of Time

Even if you're only moving five miles away, you'll still need to pack most everything into boxes. Start asking local businesses and friends for boxes a few weeks in advance, so you can avoid having to buy these items at the last minute.

Rent a Moving Truck

Taking 15 trips in your car may sound like a great money-saving idea, but it's awfully time-consuming. Spending the money to rent a moving truck is well worth the investment, since you can move everything in one trip.

Declutter First

When you're only moving a short distance, there's the temptation to just toss everything haphazardly into boxes and deal with it once you’re in your new apartment. However, packing items you haven't used in years just make the moving process more difficult. Take some time to go through your possessions and donate or throw away unneeded items before you make the move.

Be Realistic With Your Schedule

It might be possible to load and unload the moving truck all in one day, but that doesn't mean this is the best option. A day or two to pack, another to load the truck, and a third day to unload the truck is the minimum time you should plan for. You'll make fewer mistakes, stay organized, and keep up with everyday obligations during your move.

Find Enough Helpers

The beauty of only moving across town is that your friends are all close-by to help with both the move-out and move-in processes. Still, there's a tendency to underestimate how much help you'll need when it's "only a short move." Once you know which days you'll be moving, start asking family and friends if they’re able to help.

Unpack the Necessities Right Away

You're going to be exhausted after moving everything into your new location. It's okay to put off most of the unpacking for a few days, but at least unload necessities like shower curtains, bedding and essential kitchen items. You'll feel more relaxed with the basics in place.

Are you a Springs Apartments resident who recently moved across Tulsa? If you have any moving tips for prospective residents, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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