10 Rainy Day Activities To Keep Kids Occupied Inside An Apartment

Jean Jones
March 10, 2015


Rainy days are a great excuse to curl up with the latest bestseller or pop a movie in the DVD player. Unfortunately, chances are that your kids don't feel the same way. They're bound to get antsy when they can't be outside to burn off some of their energy.

Next time the weather keeps everyone inside your home at Springs Apartments, be prepared. When the kids start up with, "There's nothing to do," you'll have this list of simple but creative activities to entertain them until the clouds roll away.

1. Role Playing
Let the force be with them as they engage in "battle" with light sabers made from wrapping paper rolls. Cover the rolls with colorful paper and attach a shorter piece at a right angle near one end to form the handle. Kids can duel to their hearts' content without risking injury to themselves or the furniture.

2. Building
Tinker Toys provided earlier generations of kids with hours of fun building imaginative structures. Make your own DIY version using marshmallows and toothpicks.

3. Make Your Own Playdough
Treat kids to more retro fun by using this recipe to make Koolaid Playdough. The colors are vibrant and the dough has a more pleasant scent than the real thing.

4. Budding Artists
Indulge your budding artists by mixing up some bright shades of puffy paint. It's non-toxic and wipes up easily. Plastic squeeze containers make nice applicators.

5. Arts & Crafts
Continue the arts theme and put together some craft kits to keep on hand. Include blunt-edged scissors, construction paper, crayons and glue. Start teaching the importance of green living with projects that include recycled materials.

6. Cooking Together
Kids are fascinated by cooking, and they love the chance to be included in a grown-up activity. Have a baking party and whip up some muffins or chocolate chip cookies. It can also be a good opportunity to give some simple cooking lessons. You may discover a budding Bobby Flay in your own household!

7. Indoor Camping
When it's too wet to go outdoors, bring the outdoors inside with a "camping" trip. Set up a small pup tent if you have one or go old-school with a couple of kitchen chairs and some blankets. 

8. Learning Time
Sneak a little education into playtime with this science experiment. Make your own clouds and help kids get some understanding of what caused the rainy day.

9. Scavenger Hunt
Set up an indoor scavenger hunt. Make a list of 10 or 12 easily accessible everyday items and write clues for each one. 

10. Dance Party
Put together a playlist of high-energy tunes or let the kids pick out their favorites and have a dance party. Mix things up a bit by combining it with a game of "freeze". Every time you stop the music, everyone has to hold their position.

Rainy days can become a lot brighter when you look at them as an opportunity to spend some quality time with your children. Hearing the laughter of your kids is an instant pick-me-up.

How do you keep your kids amused on indoor days? Share your favorite ideas in the comments!

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