10 Things You Didn’t Know Were Powered By Google Maps

Jean Jones
June 30, 2015


Google Maps has become everyone's favorite go-to source for getting travel directions and street-level views of any location. Did you know that this valuable tool also powers a number of applications that solve some of the more common everyday problems? Check out these apps that make life just a bit easier both at and away from your Springs Apartments home.

Find the Best Gas Prices

Have you ever stopped to fill your gas tank only to find lower prices at a station just a mile away? Map Gas Prices generates a display of gas prices in the area you designate. You can even filter the results by type of fuel, such as premium or diesel.

Track Flight Information

Don't bother going to multiple airline websites to check on a flight status. Orbitz has a tracker that allows you to get information for flights on any carrier.

Get Background Data on Your Destination

Take the mystery out of a new destination with this app from Wikimapia. Enter the location and click on the featured hyperlinks to get thumbnail profiles of cities and notable areas.

Monitor Your Outdoor Workouts

Whether you're walking, running or cycling, Gmap-Pedometer can measure your route, save it for future reference and calculate the number of calories burned.

Find a New Job

Want to find a job closer to your Springs Apartments home? Enter the type of job and and location in Job Maps to generate a list of nearby opportunities.

Track Package Deliveries

Wondering when those new books or clothes will show up on your doorstep? Package Mapping uses the tracking number to show the order's progress.

Check Out a New Brewpub

The increasing popularity of craft beers has created an explosion of breweries and brewpubs. Find ones near your chosen location with The Beer Mapping Project. If you're traveling, it even has information for foreign countries.

Look Up a Zip Code

You can't mail or ship items without a zip code, but that information is sometimes missing from addresses. Zip Code Finder is a convenient way to locate a zip code by specific address or general area.

Be a Virtual Roadie for Your Favorite Band

Use Gruvr to find out if your favorite singer or band will be appearing nearby as well as where they are on their current tour. 

Create Your Own Map

Add your own individual stamp with Community Walk, an app that allows you to create personalized interactive maps that can be shared with others.

How do you use Google Maps? Share your ideas with us in the comments!

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