20 Life Hacks Every Apartment Dweller Should Know

Jean Jones
September 02, 2014


Let’s face it: when it comes to living in apartments, sometimes you have to get a little creative to make things work. With all different kinds of size and item usage limitations that residents might be faced with, it’s always useful to know a few tips and tricks to help you get by. In fact, to help make your experience at Springs as great as possible, we’ve scoured the web for some of our favorite life hacks for people living in apartments. Enjoy!

1. Need to amplify your phone or MP3 player’s speaker volume, but don’t have speakers to plug it into? Putting it in a cup or bowl will help.


2. Boiling some noodles?


 3. Need to get the wrinkles out of your shirt in a pinch?


4. Prevent your trash bag from leaking.


 5. Tired of losing your TV remotes? Try using Velcro.


6. Need to quickly chill some drinks before your guests arrive?


7. If your toilet is overflowing and a plunger won’t fix it, turn this knob clockwise to stop the flow of water.


 8. Rubbing a walnut on damaged furniture can cover up scuffs and dings.


 9. Need to squeeze into a tight parking space? Try backing into the parking spot instead. Your car has a wider turn radius when moving forward.


 10. Use a clean dustpan to fill a container that won’t fit in the sink.


 11. Need a better storage space for your cleaning supplies?


12. Too many cords around your desk? Use binder clips to stay untangled and organized.


 13. You can also use cardboard tubes to organize a box of cords as well.


14. Lose something small in your carpet? Lose-something-small

15. Tired of making multiple trips to the car for groceries?


16. For those that always forget to lock the door…


 17. Is your showerhead grimy and gross?clean-showerhead

18. Need to create some extra space in your closet? extra-closet-room

19. If you’re sick of the garbage bag getting stuck in your container…stuck-garbage-bag

20. If you need more room for towels in your bathroom, try using a wine rack.


We hope you found these hacks useful! If you know of any other hacks that we missed, please share them in the comments section below.

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