Raise the Roof! 4 Tips for Throwing a Fun and Simple Housewarming Party

Jean Jones
September 18, 2014


Moving to a new city or into a new apartment is exciting. Sure it might be a lot of work, but this new space can represent a whole new chapter in your life. And of course, like every milestone, the best way to celebrate is by throwing a party. After going through the demanding moving process, however, sometimes a full-blown party is just too much work and too expensive. To plan a housewarming party that’s simple and fun, make sure you follow these tips:


1. Do It When You’re Ready

Moving can be a stressful time, and not to mention pretty hard work. Even though your friends and family might want to see your new place right away, don’t feel bad about taking some time to unpack and get your wits together before you start thinking about planning a party. Besides, if the party is making you feel stressed, you won’t enjoy it anyway.

2. Don’t Overdo It

Though you might be super excited to be living in a new place, be careful not to go overboard with your party. Remember: it’s a new apartment, not a new mansion. Keep the guest list small enough so that people aren’t jammed into your new place. If you have a lot of people to invite, consider doing a BBQ outside or even renting the apartment’s community room, if available. You could also consider hosting an open house where guests can stop by throughout the day. Likewise, since it’s just a simple housewarming event, keep the theme simple like a potluck, wine/beer tasting, or sporting event party.


3. Don’t Forget the Invitations

If you want people to show up to your party, you’re going to have to invite them. Since it’s just a housewarming party though, don’t feel like you have to get fancy. Create a Facebook event, send out some texts, or even print out some simple invitations to hand give to your friends and new neighbors. Just make sure your invitations include the right address, directions to your apartment (especially if it’s in a tricky location!), the time of the party, and instructions on what to bring. Some guests might be inclined to bring a gift, so if you’d prefer otherwise, make sure you say so.


4. Keep Food and Drink Simple

One of the costliest parts of throwing a party is buying all the food and drinks. And not only that, but the fancier the food gets, the more work and preparation there is for you to do. To help cut down on food and drink costs, try limiting the selection to some simple appetizers and basic refreshments (i.e. cocktail weenies, cheese and cracker plates, fresh fruit, soda, wine, beer, etc.). If you’d like a wider variety, try asking your guests to bring a dish or some drinks to share. You’ll have plenty to drink if everybody brings a bottle of wine!

Got a great housewarming idea or appetizer recipe to share? Let us know in the comments below! 

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