5 Questions To Ask Yourself When Looking at an Apartment

Jean Jones
April 14, 2015


When you decide on an apartment home, you're selecting more than just a residence: you're choosing a lifestyle. You become a member of a unique community with its own "personality.” The more compatible it is with your needs and wants, the more satisfying a long-term relationship will be.

As you view different apartments, there are a number of telltale signs you should look for that are solid indicators of a community's identity. Determine the answers to these questions to see if the community makes the grade.

1. How Do the Leasing Team and Other Staff Interact With You?

Are they interested in making you feel welcome, or do they appear somewhat distracted? Do they answer your questions readily, or do they tend to be vague and evasive? The management sets the overall tone for the atmosphere of the community. At Springs Apartments, you are our priority from the moment you first set foot on one of our properties.

2. Are the Outdoor Common Areas Clean and Well-maintained?

Take a careful look at the pool and the rest of the grounds. Would you be proud to call it home? Don't focus on minor details like a stray towel. There is a visible difference between grounds that are well-kept and those that are neglected, and that difference carries through to the care that is shown to residents. Our Springs Apartments team takes great pride in the outdoor and indoor appearance of our communities.

3. What is the Condition of the Apartment You View?

If you tour an apartment that’s still occupied, it's bound to have a bit of a lived-in look. An apartment that has been vacant for more than a week should be clean and ready for move-in. If you see a model, take note of details like dust and fingerprints on windows. These details tell you something about what to expect when you move in. We put our best foot forward to show the high standards you can expect from a Springs Apartments community.

4. Does the Community Feature On-site Resident Activities?

One of the defining elements of any community is how its residents interact. Many people enjoy socializing with their neighbors and often develop strong friendships. A resident-focused community respects that fact and actively encourages people to mingle. Cinco de Mayo happy hours, pool parties, Father's Day BBQs and Easter egg hunts are only a few of the resident events held at our communities.

5. Is the Community Pet-friendly?

If the answer is "no,” you should keep looking. Even if you don't currently have a pet, it's important to have the option open for the future. Today there are many communities, including luxury communities like Springs Apartments, which happily accept pets. In fact, we go the extra mile and have no weight limit for dogs, as some communities do.

You shouldn't have to settle when it comes to choosing your home. We value you as a resident and we'll bend over backwards to meet and exceed your expectations.

What is your favorite part of living at Springs Apartments? Let us know in the comments!

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