6 Great Date Night Alternatives To Dinner And A Movie

June 11, 2015

Great_First_Date_IdeasIs dinner and a movie your default date night itinerary? While everyone has to eat, that plan is safe but not particularly exciting. Choosing an unexpected activity shows creativity and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone. When you're having fun, it's easier to be yourself and make a genuine connection. Try some of these suggestions and let them inspire you to come up with more!

1. Check Out An Outdoor Festival

Everything feels more relaxed outdoors. Take in the exhibits at a street art fair or sample new treats at a food festival. It's a great way to get an honest look at each other's tastes. While summer is prime festival-going time, hardy souls in cold-weather areas can often take advantage of ice-sculpting festivals and other seasonal events.

2. Take A Painting Class

We're not talking academics here. Paint-and-sip classes where you can BYOB are the latest craze, and many cities have several locations to choose from. Some places even have certain evenings set aside just for date-night events.

3. Go To A Comedy Club

Movies are actually somewhat counterproductive date activities since you spend most of the night in silence. Comedy clubs are lively venues where interaction is encouraged. And doesn't everything go better with a good laugh?

4. Head To A Park

Local parks are perfect locations for DIY dates that work equally well for daytime or nighttime. Pack a picnic basket or grab sandwiches and soft drinks from a deli, then burn off the calories with a walk around the grounds. Another option is to plan an evening of sunset-viewing and stargazing.

5. Have Your Own Progressive Dinner

Add some variety to the standard date-night activity by having each course at a different restaurant. Plan a theme around a particular cuisine or simply go freestyle.

6. Go Bike Riding

Combine a good workout with good conversation and good scenery. Ride the trails at a park or pick a neighborhood that's new to both of you.

Dates don't have to be formal or expensive. In fact, many happy couples will tell you that they keep their relationship fresh with activities much like the ones on this list. 

What was one of the more memorable dates you've ever had? Was it romantic, creative or both? Share your answer with us would-be matchmakers in the comments!

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