Avoid These 5 Social Faux Pas of Apartment Living

July 24, 2018

Avoid These 5 Social Faux Pas of Apartment Living Our Springs luxury apartment homes offer individual entries and no internal hallways, so you have more peace and privacy than in many other communities.

There are also common areas where residents can gather together for some good old-fashioned human interaction. Foster a true sense of community by avoiding these social faux pas and ensure you’ll be the neighbor everyone appreciates.

1. Don’t Disrespect Common Areas

Know the rules about common areas. For example, you're welcome to use paper or plastic containers in the pool area, but avoid glass bottles or mugs, and leave any alcoholic beverages at home. Wear proper swimming attire and make sure you accompany any guests — with the exception of pets which are not permitted in the area. Likewise, in our Fitness Center, there is no smoking, eating, alcoholic beverages, pets, or black sole shoes allowed. Wherever you are, be sure to pick up after yourself — in the clubhouse, around the pool and especially in the pet area — to ensure fellow residents and guests enjoy our many amenities as much as you do.

2. Don’t be “That Guy”

Or gal...who rushes from here to there without so much as a hello. Participate in one of our resident parties or exclusive events, get involved in Springs Cares to help others in the community, and get to know your neighbors by visiting our clubhouse, lounge and other common areas. Even bonafide introverts can benefit from a friendly smile and engaging with other residents. This simple act could lead to lasting and life-long friendships, but even if it doesn’t, you’ll definitely create a welcoming atmosphere.

3. Don’t Let Pets Roam Unattended

Our pet-friendly communities are a welcome sight for many residents, but when a dog barks all day or through the night, it might not sit well with neighbors. Make every effort to keep your pet comfortable to avoid such issues, especially when you’re away. Even in our leash-free pet areas, make sure you keep a watchful eye on your dog and maintain control so he doesn’t approach others who may not welcome the attention. Outside our pet areas, a leash is required.

4. Don’t Use Your Balcony or Patio for Storage

While not common areas, patios and balconies are visible to other residents and guests. It’s a great place for some colorful plants or a relaxing chair to enjoy your morning coffee. However, no rugs, towels, laundry, clothing, appliances or other items should be stored, hung or draped on railings or other portions of balconies or patios. Likewise, no signs or lights should be displayed. If garbage, boxes or storage totes accumulate in the area, it can become an eyesore, so keep your patio or balcony in tip-top shape.

5. Don’t Let Things Get to You

Remember the Hatfields and McCoys? Thankfully, we rarely have to deal with conflicts between neighbors. In the unlikely situation that an issue between you and another resident occurs, deal with them calmly and on neutral terms. Respectful communication is key and, when in doubt, always take the high road. If you need help resolving an issue, reach out to one of our caring Springs management team members who will be glad to help you find a solution.

Our Springs apartment communities teams are dedicated to maintaining the well-being of both tenants and the grounds. Please contact any member of our Springs team if you need help.

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